Nick Vujicic, Spiritual Giant

Brokenness is brokenness, but don’t let your brokenness define your future. Don’t let your circumstances define your joy…Don’t wait for a different season in your life before you become happy… God has the best plan for you.“- Nick Vujicic

Now on his first official Philippine tour, Nick Vujicic had a press conference on the morning of May 18 at the Edsa Shangrila Palawan Ballroom which I had the blessed opportunity to be a part of, thanks to Mr. Ardy Roberto and Mr. Stan Kuy of Becca Music.

Photo courtesy of Nick's Facebook page. Please LIKE his page!
Photo courtesy of Nick’s Facebook page. Please LIKE his page!

Nick entered the room with a beaming smile on his cover boy face. He graciously said that he loves the Philippines and pointed out to the delighted crowd, “I don’t say that everywhere I go. Trust me!” . He has yet to see an angry Filipino, he says. Mango is his favorite fruit and he considers Philippine mangoes the best in the world. He is looking forward to going to white-sand beach, Boracay, in the future with his beautiful wife, Kanae, and their son, Kiyoshi James born February 13, 2013. He told us about how he proposed to Kanae. It is in his book, UNSTOPPABLE. And cake has something to do with it! 🙂

He swims, scuba dives, golfs, skydives, skateboards, surfs and does three 360 degree spins on his board, sings, is an actor in a movie (Butterfly Circus), earned a double major in accounting and financial planning, authored two books, is sought after worldwide as a motivational speaker (receiving two hundred invitations a week, having had to turn down 28,000 invitations), has spoken to presidents of eight nations, congress… in forty-six countries and counting, is the CEO of a non-profit organization (Life Without Limbs) that has given half a million dollars to the needy.

I thought I heard everything there was to hear about and from Nick Vujicic on YouTube but even with the numerous videos and hearing him speak five times in three days, God’s message of love and hope presented in different ways doesn’t get old.

His father (a pastor) and his mother always told him they love him and that he is beautiful the way he is (an important note he gave to parents). They raised him up to know God and His Word and Nick grew up to stand firmly on the foundation of who he is in Christ and in His Word. Therefore, he is not bound by his disability but continues to accomplish great things with his abilities, choosing joy daily not based on what he doesn’t have but on the priceless treasure of what he has: an active relationship with the living God and heaven after this imperfect life. Nick Vujicic may have no arms and legs but he is the hands and feet of Jesus Christ; in the conspicuous seeming lack in his life we see a window to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. When Nick embraced and joyfully submitted to God’s unique will for him even when initially it looked undesirable and insurmountable, he began to live out God’s great purpose for his life.

2Cor 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

He is more than a conqueror of his limitations and circumstances and lives beyond himself to be a channel of blessing sharing God’s message of hope, love, joy, and salvation to countless people around the globe. The encouragement of the Holy Spirit just keeps flowing …for people with arms and legs… from this spiritual giant of a man.

In Pastor Joey Bonifacio’s interview of Nick, the latter said, “Connecting to God on a daily basis is the most important thing any human being can do. It is the foundation of faith. To know and hear the Word of God produces faith and without faith, we can’t do anything. Nick Vujicic still has his ups and downs and without connecting with God on prayer level… I couldn’t get up.” []

An excellent human role model on manhood and how to triumph even when you end up with circumstances you don’t like, his proper biblical assessment made him preface his first UNSTOPPABLE talk with “The only example worth following is Jesus”. What he wants to be remembered by is one simple thing: that he is a servant of the Most High God. In no way is serving the living God a simple thing but that is the one most important aspect of Nick’s life that he wants people to remember. He has said in an interview that he knows the weight of his calling and understands that opposition is bound to come “when you are redirecting traffic in front of the gates of hell”. To see Nick’s life is to see God’s victory and strength.

A big Thank You to Ms. Rebecca Sy and BECCA Music for bringing this event to the Philippines!
Don’t forget to LIKE Nick’s Facebook page!

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