The Two Shall Become One

John 15:5 CJB
“I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who stay united with me, and I with them, are the ones who bear much fruit; because apart from me you can’t do a thing.

I drafted the above verse yesterday morning but did not have time to complete a post. In the last twenty-four hours since, the recurring message I have been receiving has to do with Obedience. Charlyne Steinkamp’s devotion says “Run from disobedience.” My friend Odze’s devotion is all about Obedience, defining it as “compliance to the plan, observance of the rules, adherence to the standard, and submission to another’s will” and Obedience being the bottom line in the Christian life. Yesterday’s Sheri Rose Shepherd’s Love Letter from God talks about God’s invitation to become one with Him, that we will have a “single harmony with God filled with heavenly harmony”, God asking , “Will you let Me close enough to become one song, joined together for all eternity?” It brought to mind the phrase “The two shall become one.” That my spirit would be one with The Lord’s just as He is one with the Father, that His will become my will, that I will want what He wants and hate what He hates, that I could be His ambassador, love letter, aroma, and that He would override my very proud and fleshly self such that the likeness of Him will be the output of my heart, words, and actions.

So poetic and lovely, but 1John 1:8-10 and Rom 3:23 defines us as sinners. Aware of this stark reality, yet provided with 1John 1:9’s confession verse which tells us that whenever confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness, we see that our Lord is cleansing us and progressively purifying us of our sinfulness.

I like the Complete Jewish Bible’s translation of John 15:5 that tells us of our Vine-Branch relationship with Jesus and the key of being “united with” Him to bear fruit.

John 15:5 CJB
“I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who stay united with me, and I with them, are the ones who bear much fruit; because apart from me you can’t do a thing.

How can two walk unless they agree? Like Siamese twins with two heads but one body with two differing wills, or two people yoked together, they can move in the same direction when both agree. The Almighty, All-knowing Alpha and Omega has the best idea always although the one who thinks she knows everything better (I) will see things only from the limited human senses and therefore without faith in Him, knowledge of Him, and deference to His will, I am bound to do things counterproductive to His objective unless I am united to Him seeing things as He does, having a heart like He does, looking at people like He does, all passing through the lens of His Word.

My prayer today is that the “Two Becoming One” that we pursue is to be One with Jesus, that we may yield the right eternal fruit, that we will be reminded that apart from Him we can do nothing. May we cling to Him, pursue Him, and remain in Him. Help us, Almighty God, in Your name and for Your glory alone, Amen. May You shine in us revealing the dark places we are hiding from You so we may be cleansed and You can shine through us.

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