Total Forgiveness

A person who was on this path before I got here told me, “You need to give total forgiveness.”

Cast it all away: the offenses of the main offender and all accomplices, even of casualties in the path who were traumatized, polarized, put in a tight spot. People are caught off guard in the crossfire. Words that hadn’t been prayed about come out. The whole scheme really makes sinners of so many people. You and I as the offended ought not to take everything so personally. In the greater scheme of things, the devil is the one having a field day when more people sin and that includes you and me when we are tempted to withhold forgiveness.

In spiritual warfare, sin (like unforgiveness) will defeat us.
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Everyone will have to go in the “Forgiven” file. The ones who asked and didn’t ask for forgiveness. What a mess. So many people professing innocence not knowing that everything gets revealed. All of that need to be surrendered to God and forgiven.

Ninety-nine percent forgiveness gives way for 1% unforgiveness which then tarnishes the 99% forgiveness, making the result unforgiveness. All it takes is 1% unforgiveness to nullify the forgiveness and disqualify us from the forgiveness of our own sin.

Luke 11:4a
Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.

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With human strength, total forgiveness is impossible but with God, all things are possible, even total forgiveness. It is not natural. It is supernatural. But we have no other option but to give total forgiveness because that is what we need as well.

When memories come, remind yourself, tell God and also tell the enemy (the devil) that you have already forgiven, that you choose love. Certain things may trigger waves of anger and unforgiveness but just release it to God again. You and I are not the only ones on the planet who have had to go through this. There are much worse things that people have lived through and have forgiven.

Dear Lord,
Again, I surrender to You all the offenses against me and all the people who have offended me. I give these to You. Please help me to forgive every day, every time, all the time, the same way that You forgive me of my own sins. Thank You for not always accusing me, for removing my sins from me as far as the East is from the West, for not treating me as my sins deserve, for making me white as snow even though my sins are as scarlet. Please give me overwhelmingly positive thoughts to override my bad memories. Please help me to fix my eyes on You so that I can forgive completely the way I need you to forgive me completely in Jesus’s name amen.

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