Real Hope for New Life: Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur is a four-time ECPA Christian Book Award winning author, and co-CEO of Precept Ministries International.  She is the teacher and host of Precepts for Life™, a daily television, radio, and online program which has an audience reach of over 75 million households and broadcasts into over 30 countries.

Her life is proof that God transforms people.  No one is beyond His reach.  He can use anyone to be His instrument for godly change.

In these interviews, Kay Arthur opens up about her past of adultery with a married man before she came to know Christ.

Here are some excerpts:

“…I had a great imagination…In my life there was this dichotomy.  There was this desire to be sexually attractive, this restraint to be a virgin. ”

“I had a religion but not a relationship.  I went from one man to another man and each time I went with those men, I would find myself doing things that I knew were wrong… I eventually met a man…I didn’t know he was married. I really fell in love with Jim…At the end of those two years, I began to feel guilty… I broke off the affair.”

“Sin is never isolated. it’s not just between the two of us… Sin will cost you more than you ever intended to pay; it will take you farther than you intended to stray; it will cost you far more than you expected to pay.  Sin is addictive. Whoever commits sin becomes a slave to sin.  I went from one man to another looking for someone to love me.”

“When I shook my fist at God in the face of God…little did I realise that when I said, ‘To h_ll with you God.” that that’s exactly what Jesus did…He took my hell, the wages of my sin, He took the penalty of my sin and Jesus who knew no sin was going to be made sin for me, He was going to be made an immoral woman for me… He was made sin for us so we might have His righteousness… I didn’t even know that before the foundation of the world God had said,’To heaven with you (your name)’ and that God had a plan.”

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