Timing + Truth + Tact = Transformation

It would almost seem routinary to run through this beautiful poetic verse:Photo from moglea.tumblr.com

Of course, we should speak the truth with Love as the motivation behind the communication.  But in the several days earlier, I was noticing that my old self was resurfacing with my point-blank talk.

On one of those occasions, we had applied to transfer our (familiar to our customers) telephone lines from our old office to the new office we moved to.  That took calls and documentation so we could keep our number but when the PLDT team came to install the telephone lines, they were giving us new numbers.

Another, we had paid P9000+ for a boom truck to move our heavy equipment from our old location to the new location. On that move day, several uniformed barangay officers with radios surrounded my new shop and said that I was in violation for not having a permit for the truck to enter our small street.

I can’t remember exactly what I said but when I recall it, they come across to me not to have been spoken in love.  “Why in the world would we apply for a transfer of telephone line if we just wanted a new number?  We could have asked for a termination of old and application of new.”  “We want to obey the rules but you need to give us the rules. When we applied for Barangay permit, we were not informed that we should also secure a permit for the moving truck to enter our street. I’m in the business of cake and we secure all necessary permits, pay our right taxes, abide by all the laws we know. I’m not in the trucking business. It should be the truck you ask to get permits because it’s they who take the truck to the streets they need to go. They’re the ones who know the rules. Why do you surround me with uniformed men in black with radios like I’m some criminal.  We are partners in community building, nation building… small negosyantes like I help create jobs.  Why do you make it hard for us, shouldn’t you be partnering with us and help us.  There are hundreds of people who do business without registering or paying taxes or paying the right wages and statutory benefits, all proceeds go to their pockets yet it is we you are going after.”

Ranting and venting…

A few days after, I was asked to sing “Testify to Love” at an event and the words to the song convicted me that I need to wash my heart, mind, and heart in order to speak the truth in love. It’s easier to speak the truth in love to difficult people that I’ve conditioned myself to love when I’ve prayed for the right heart, when I’ve prayed for the person, when I’ve prayed for the situation.  But in the spur of the moment specially with fatigue, frustration, and flurry of activities, love could fly out from the equation.  Though valid perhaps, what kind of testimony did I give? I don’t think they would suspect Jesus was in me giving me full life and that they could have that full life too if they had Jesus.

I am thankful for the Lord’s conviction to put thought in what I do and say.

The other day, I attended the True Love Matters Most talk about speaking the truth in love.  What impacted me most about Jojo Chan’s talk was the formula:

Timing + Truth+ Tact = Transformation

It’s a good reminder for me to keep in mind.

The prior week’s lesson on 1Corinthians 13 was:  If I don’t love, I am speak nothing, I am nothing, and I gain nothing.  (Here’s the link to that topic:  “Am I A True Lover?“)

Without the Word and the Spirit of God, I would have just forgotten about the point-blank talk without thought to the imprint I leave behind.  It would have just passed as another day in the life of a businesswoman who had to get a job done.

Lord, thank You that You use Your rod and staff of discipline and guidance to teach me Your way. You do not leave me alone to proceed as I please whenever I please however I please.  You are shaping me to be mindful of being Your daughter. I love because You first loved me. Help me to reflect Your love not just to the people I have deliberately taken up with You but also to everyone I meet.  Everyone needs You. Please cleanse me of my unloving ways.  Thank You that You are a God of Grace and upon Your grace I hang. Thank You that You are making me a new creation daily so I can let go of the old and be new in Your name and for Your glory Amen!


Photo from yeehawteachingblogspot.com
Photo from yeehawteachingblogspot.com

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