Blessings from Guests

Annabelle has been coming to the shop regularly (praise God for her contribution to our rent money heeehee). Last week, she described to me a Crispizza flavor she wanted and so this Smoked Fish Crispizza was born with home-pickled cucumbers, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, whispers of red onion, smoked milkfish fillet, green onions, cream cheese, and a vinaigrette glaze: 

We served it for the first time when they had a fellowship last week. The few who’ve tried it gave good reviews. Thank you, Annabelle!

Today she came with stage vocalist, Aileen Espinosa Cura, a gracious lady I met long ago. 

Annabelle said they can’t leave without Aileen and me doing a duet. I was so thrilled to sing with a real professional thinking “Sana mahawaan niya ako ng boses.” And Aileen has no airs whatsoever. She gamely agreed and so we dished out one of my favorites at the shop— a jam! A musical one!:) 

We had so much fun and planned our next get together!!! It worked out perfectly that today was not a busy day; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of the kichen.

Before leaving, Annabelle also left with me samples of two cakes to try! Yum yum! 

Thank You Lord for the blessing of Your love through guests like Annabelle and Aileen who happen to be faith sisters too! 

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