A Day in The Life of a Little Shop

God has used the shop to be a blessing to guests, my team, our suppliers, and me.  I got this message from Facebook today:

Message from new friend, Lei Lava
Message from new friend, Lei Lava

I have no delusions that it’s because of anything I do or what people say is charming. I know all the factors that work together to allow people to be blessed is God’s grace and orchestrations. Thank You, Lord, for allowing the shop to be a channel of blessing.

Here’s one among many praise reports when Coney Reyes and Rica de Jesus came at the same time…

The link to the original journal post of Rica:

A Butterfly in the Spring and Meeting Coney Reyes

From Rica's Heart2HeartOnline blog
From Rica’s Heart2HeartOnline blog

Heart2Heart happy to meet Coney

heart2heart part3

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