Excellence Should Be An Inherent Feature in the Work of a Christian: Francis Kong

I shot an email to Francis Kong with the question for this series, “How do you guard your walk while pursuing excellence?” and got awed by the quick reply. [I’m phrasing the answer just so I can digest each phrase better].

Hi there Karen,

Thanks for the question.
A true follower (disciple/ apprentice),
meaning a committed Christian,
would not find
excellence a level to achieve
but that excellence is already
an inherent feature in his or her work.
He or she knows
that being the light of the world
and being the salt of the earth
requires excellent work performance
that portrays
the excellence and glory of Christ
in the person.
Professing to be a Christian”
and not being excellent
is actually a contradiction in terms.
I hope this helps,
An “aha!” moment!
Original photo from this site
Original photo from this site

Thank you, Francis Kong, for explaining the growing discomfort, disconcertment, disturbance in the lackadaisical, lazy effort to do a job right.  Thank you for validating that this desire to produce excellence for Christ is the normal, the expected of a true follower of Christ.

Thought bubble: We don’t work for men.  We work for the Lord.  Where can we get unli inspiration, unli energy, unli effort unless we are latching on to the unli wisdom, unli power, unli strength of the Lord?

I told Francis Kong I would grab his Facebook photo for this post.  I got another “aha!” moment at the cover photo message.
francis kong excellence
Thank You Lord, for teachers and mentors!
Meanwhile,  the quest continues…. on how to biblically lead those on my team who do not have the same enthusiasm for excellence…
How can I lead them to work for You instead of for me?

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