Ptr. Peter Tanchi: How Do You Guard Your Walk While Pursuing Excellence Part 3: (Loving an Employee Lacking Competence)

Photo from this site
Photo from this site



Still on a quest, I sought the advice of Pastor Peter last Sunday.

BUTTERFLYINTHESPRING (BITS):What to do if an employee is not focused, is committing mistakes on very simple tasks, and has a hard time learning to do his job right?

PTC: Let him go

BITS: As simple as that?
PTC: Yeah

BITS: But how do you apply love there?

PTC: Sometimes the best thing to show love is to let him know for his own sake… If not, you will forever be mad at him. The relationship gets worse.  To love is different from corporate responsibility.

BITS: How do you balance?
PTC: You balance by being kind and nice and letting people go nicely.

BITS: Regarding incompetence… if I still think he has a chance to be teachable and shape up and not be lazy…

PTC: Well, that’s your call.  That’s why most people don’t know how to fire people. We teach people how to fire people. You be nice to them.  You need help in this area.  I’m giving you one month to improve in this.  If you really can not do it, I’m sorry. So you follow up. After one month.. “How are you doing in this area?”

[Kung] bagsak pa rin. So you have to let him go. But you have to take action without shouting. Let them know…They will resign.  Look at the evaluation. Evaluate (one more month…. two more weeks). You should have an evaluation.

BITS: It’s not pala unconditional love?
PTC: Oh no, that’s foolishness.  Did you not hear my message?  You love somebody, it doesn’t mean you don’t fire them.  Love doesn’t mean you don’t fire.  Sometimes the kindest thing to do is to fire people.

BITS: Ah so that they’ll shape up for the future job?

PTC: For their own job, yeah. If not, they will never learn…  I better emphasize it…

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