Light Up My Life

Light is most precious in the dark.  What otherwise would be a cause of fear in the dark, like a pretty fluttering butterfly, could easily be seen in the light as not something to be afraid of.  A nuisance like a fly would be hard to catch in the dark but would be easier to trap with a zapper in the light. A stumbling block on the floor could also be avoided  in the light.  Light exposes barriers and tricks, dirt and cobwebs; guides the way, provides a better perspective, heals, preserves.

Jesus said:

I Am

The Light 

of the world.

The word “follow” pops out like a key …It is those who follow who will experience the benefit of His light.


In John 4, when Jesus began His ministry, He called His first disciples, (Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, James and John). Soon after, in Chapter 5, His disciples came to Him and He began to teach them the paradoxical  beatitudes… with the new perspective that in the circumstances that normally would be considered terrible or disadvantaged, these are blessings, cause to rejoice and be glad.

Through these difficulties, they would see how He can turn things around. They would experience Him and know Him.  They will be transformed.  What they give up, He will give them something better.

And then He told them they are salt and light.

In this early stage before the disciples could fully understand or grow or become the persons they were called to be, Jesus said

“You are

the light of the world…”

Those He called… His disciples (followers), He already declares, “You are… (The light of the world— Jesus’s role which He is passing on). It sounds like He’s saying “This is your identity. This is you.” Regardless of current state. Before their fails. He considered them worthy even before they proved themselves worthy.  What grace. What responsibility. But what power He has to transform the raw to live up to the calling.

Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.

As we persevere to choose to follow Him no matter the sacrifice or suffering, we can experience the healing, transforming, empowering, guiding that Jesus, The Light of the World, gives.


Lord apart from You I am nothing.  It is in my weakness that Your power is made perfect. Help me to seek after You; as much as I abide /remain in and follow You.  Please remove my fears, unbelief, unnecessary excess flesh, weights that hinder, and sins that entangle so that I— weak, cowardly, impulsive,  and pain-aversive as I am— may persevere in running the race towards You. Help me to fix my eyes on you, Jesus.  Can I be an instrument to shine Your light without sharing in Your cross? Can I love You and be like You without understanding the dying-to-self You went through for me? Before I dream of reflecting any of Your light, help me to embrace the existing cross You have assigned to me. By Your light, expose the darkness that is coming from the enemy and demolish those works, footholds, and strongholds that are intended only to steal, kill, and destroy. Shine Your light on me to heal me in all the broken places. Guide me and empower me to walk in the path You have already planned before my life began so that Your good purposes will be fulfilled in my life in Jesus’s name amen.


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