Something Else to Pass On

 How wonderful to have the Father of Compassion and the God of all Comfort who comforts us not in a few or some of our troubles but in All our troubles. 

The apostle Paul tell us that the specific purpose for this comfort we continually receive is “so that we can comfort those in Any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

We may receive comfort in an issue on health, career, or relationship trouble but God’s comfort we receive is multi-purpose, universally applicable, all-encompassing for others in their own trouble. 

This chain of paying it forward points to being a channel instead of being a collector of God’s comfort. 

In my life there were many people who received God’s comfort who didn’t just keep indulging in and collecting  comfort themselves; they prayed for me, encouraged me; they were knowingly or unknowingly like “Jesus with skin on” manifesting His kindness, goodness, unconditional love.

Thank You Lord for each such person. They passed on to me the comfort You gave them. May I be like them in Your name and for Your glory Amen.

Today’s YouVersion Verse

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