Ownership is His, Stewardship Mine


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Earlier this week Cafe Juanita owner, Dr. Efren “Boy” Vasquez, during his visit with his son, Dr. Jun, asked me why I say of my business:

“God is the Owner, it’s just named after me.”

First, because  it’s the truth. When my body stops working, I don’t take this business with me. 

Second, it’s by His grace, empowerment, and provision that I am alive and well and able to do the work needed. 

Third, being at the top of my little earthly organization, it is easy to think I am above all things, above correction, above accountability, above the law. Keeping in mind I account to an all-knowing, almighty Higher-Up gives me parameters to remind me to go back again  and again (if I am not able to see) to humbling myself.

Fourth, it revs up my desire to pursue excellence.

Fifth, it liberates me from stressing out over the things outside of my control.  He is in charge.

Sixth, it helps me to fix my eyes on my Audience of One.

 Seventh, giving the glory to God prevents me from pride and enables Him to be unhindered in doing what only He can do to glorify Himself in my limited circumstances.

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  1. Maricor Acenas says:

    Everything you said applies to Beso del Sol as well. He is our CEO, and if His presence does not go before us, then we do not go at all.

    1. praise God for our CEO! so blessed with our kindred spirit dear Maricor!!!!

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