Don’t Give Up Too Soon

I saw the Uber driver was a few minutes away on the Uber map.  Perfect.  I finished up some tasks and soon was oblivious that ten minutes had passed!  I realized his shadow was still nowhere to be found. I looked at the Uber app and he had gone back farther away.

“Call Driver.” The app said. I clicked that. He said (in Tagalog), “May I know where you are? I can’t find you. Waze said, ‘You’re almost there.’ But I didn’t find your address so I went back.”

I told him I saw him so close to the pickup location minutes before. But now he went backwards. I told him there’s a difference between “You’re almost there” and “You have arrived.”  “You’re almost there” means you’re in the right direction but need to keep going until you reach the destination.

Lord, am I sometimes like that driver, stopping and turning back from where You’re leading me because I think I’m not going anywhere? Do I give up my walk with You too soon because I’m not seeing results?

Help me today to trust You with all of my heart and lean not on my own understanding nor sight that I may follow You through and reach the heart of Your will where You want me to be in Your name Amen.

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