Beth Young: Releasing Grasp so God Can Lay Down His Blessing on Your Hand

Beth Young’s main business was as canteen concessionaire at a local school. One day two months ago, she found out that her contract would not be renewed. She was devastated because that was her bread and butter and as a single mom raising a university daughter and a son in the process of being a doctor, she was counting on the continuity of this business.  If you have ever been in this situation, this story will encourage you.  Here is my chat with Beth:

BETH YOUNG (BY): I wasn’t sad. I was devastated. It was a very difficult time. I was also worried about my son’s board exams. A few weeks after I found out that my contract for canteen concession would not be renewed, the news was reversed and I was told I could continue running my food stand but when we did open, our sales were so low.

In my distress, after much tears and prayers, one day, I decided to share my prayer request with my [small] group. The ladies in the small group started praying for me.

One morning soon after that, during my devotion time, I wrote on my journal, “Lord, I’m really overwhelmed. I have three things that I feel I’m almost not able to take on. There was something on Number 1. Number 2, I’m waiting for my son’s medical school to get the permit in order for him to take the Medical Board Exam. Number 3, my work, my source of income is in trouble.”

I remembered that during our fasting, we were taking up the Lord’s Prayer and I recalled that we can ask for provision for our daily needs, so that’s exactly what I prayed for.

On my way out, I told my son that I was overwhelmed because of those three things. My son gave me his full attention. He said, “You know, Mommy, don’t worry. God will figure it out.”

By lunchtime, one of the ladies from my small group who heard my prayer request called me. She so happened to be aware that a pastor and his wife were supposed to operate a concessionaire food stall in CCF Tiendesitas but because of some sudden, unexpected circumstances beyond their control, they could no longer do so. The available stall that is ready to be run suddenly has no one to take care of it. She then asked me if I would like to prayerfully consider operating this spot that has been prepared and ready to run but nobody to run it. Can I run it? Would I be willing?

I said, “YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!” When I got the call, I could not believe it. I really cried. Immediately, I knew… it was an answered prayer.

By 2:00pm, I heard from my son’s school that they were able to get a permit for him to take the board exam. I was so amazed. Again overwhelmed, but this time not with distress but overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.

My friend called me on a Wednesday. In eight days, I was able to operate Master Zhongshan. One Sunday’s sales here is equivalent to six days’ sales at the school concessionaire stand.

BITS: Wow! What a blessing plus extra time for you! With little time, you were actually equipped and being prepared for this!

BY: No one is really prepared enough! It was really God who enabled and orchestrated everything to work out.  It’s quite a production to open this but everything just flowed. The menu we have now are the food people usually order from us.  The people I have now have the experience to run the stall.

BITS:  What do you think God is showing you?
BY: God is showing me that He has His own timing in sending His blessings and sending trials. With each, as long as we hold on to His hands, I think that He never fails to sustain us.  My new store is a surprise blessing.

BITS: If Jesus were in front of you, what would you tell Him now?
BY: Of course I will say, “Thank You! I didn’t understand before but now I do. Everything He promised talaga came true.

BITS: What can you share with someone who may right now be devastated?
BY: If we stop clinging to things that we thought are important, then God will take care of all our needs. I was trying to hold on to my work, my assurance that my son will get through his board exam, and the Number One item on my prayer list, I want to take control. But I have to let go so that God can pour His blessings. Also, there’s a verse that I wanted to share, Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Beth Young with Chef Sandy Daza in front of her new stall, Master Zhongshan’s Food Corner.  Come try her Amoy Lumpia, Maki, Kiampong, and other Chinese specialties at CCF Tiendesitas (Main), Ground Floor Food Hall, Tiendesitas, Pasig


Thank You so much, Lord for Your sweet, timely answer to Beth’s prayer! Thank You for delivering her from her distress, and for showing her that You will always sustain her! Thank You for this encouragement for other people in similar circumstances. If anyone reading this is in this very same boat right now, may You increase the faith of this person and show her in the way that she can understand who You are and may she come to know Your unchanging, faithful character.  And Lord, we have not forgotten the Prayer Request Number One and we are sure You haven’t either. Thank You in advance for how You will glorify Yourself in Your perfect time through how You will answer that.  We praise You already in Jesus’s name amen.


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