Debbie Yulo: Mom’s Greatest Gift

Debbie Yulo was in the garments export business for nine years making baby clothes. After giving birth to her third child, she stopped her business completely to became a full time mother. I don’t know if every child in the world understands what it means when a mother gives up something in order to prioritize being a better mom… But Debbie is one who has gratitude for her own mom! This is a tribute for hers!


It’s very important to have a prayerful mom.  I come from a very simple family…the things that we experienced when we were young were simple.  My mom’s rules were very simple but deep into the heart, giving God the priority in our lives, going to church. Ever since we were young, at first it [was] a rule… but then when you go, you realize that the reason why our parents or my mom prays for us and wants us to go to church is so that I will have an abundant life—not materially but spiritually.

I will never forget my mom for kneeling down and praying for us day and night because I can really see it.  That has become a very important legacy for us… I realized that when I feel helpless and really down, down, down there is nothing else to do but to come on our knees and pray.  I really am thankful for that — that she did not give me all the material things or whatever things she thinks she should give us.  It’s not that. It’s the prayers that she taught us in her own simple ways.

 I consider it a privilege to be able to take part in caring for my Mom. She is turning 94 years old in a few more weeks. Although she has full time caregivers taking care of her, I am still very much involved. Am blessed to be able to see her smile, hold her hand, to hug and kiss her. She shared with me the greatest gift of all – to know God and put Him first in my life.  Because I know Him, I know I will never walk this life alone.

Now that I am also a mother, motherhood has given me the opportunity to fully understand the true meaning of unconditional love. It also helped me to teach and apply all the things my own mother taught me as I learn from my children as well. Each day brings new challenges but it is a joy to watch the kids grow into young adults. As I put my faith and trust in God, He continues to do great things in their lives. God is indeed faithful. – Debbie Yulo

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