3 Tips for Fathers Who Started on the Wrong Foot

June being the month for Father’s Day, I’ve asked some dads to give some encouragement for other fathers.

Ptr. Albit Rodriguez went to La Salle Greenhills, Vancouver College, and University of San Francisco. He is the President of Strongtower Energy Services Corp as well as the Pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati (at A-Venue).

Butterflyinthespring featured Pastor Albit and his lovely wife, Gina, on these previous posts:

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Today, Ptr. Albit has this to share with dads:

Hey Dad! Your reading this means that perhaps somehow you want to make some changes in your life, particularly with your family relationships.

Many years ago, I was an absentee father. I was too engrossed in two things; making money and having fun. As a result, my wife and kids were not the top priority of my life.

For many years, even though I loved my family, I loved myself much more and was not too concerned about their well-being. The first ten years of my married life were very financially successful; but at the start of the nineties, my fortune began to evaporate. One day, I found myself in a deep financial hole and contemplated on ending my life. This was the time God made himself real in my life and gave me an opportunity to start again with my life and my family.

Thank God from that time on, there was no more turning back as He gave me the opportunity and strength to be the godly husband and father he designed and desires all fathers to become. So, what advice is there for those who, like I, want(ed) to reboot or restart their relationships with their families?

  • 1. Humble yourself. If there have been painful events that transpired in the past, ask for forgiveness and likewise forgive those who have wronged you. Friend, it is costly to forgive, but even costlier not to. Forgiveness and reconciliation are the steps needed to restore and revive loving relationships.
  • 2. Prioritize your wife and then your kids.  That is God’s designed order of priority:  1st God, 2nd spouse, and 3rd children.   A wife has needs that only her husband can fill including emotional, financial, as well as spiritual needs. What is your wife’s love language? Is it touch, time, talk, things, or tasks (acts of service)? Find out and start filling her love tank. With the kids, use the ACT method:
    • Affirm.
    • Communicate/  work on your relationship with each family member.
    • Time, there is no substitute for spending time with them.
  • 3. Keep God and His word at the center and the foundation of your family life.  The truth is none of us are perfect and we all have a tendency to revert back to our old ways. This is precisely why we need to rely and focus on Jesus to give us the desire and strength to be the father He has designed us all to be!

May our Lord bless you and your family always!img_8684img_8683


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