Great Fosters Afternoon Tea

Sometimes when I have recurring prayer requests on matters that haven’t been answered, the counsel  I receive is to leave the things that I can not control in God’s hands; wait for His perfect timing, perfect way, perfect will. Certain difficulties need to happen for the benefit of what God is trying to do in me of how He is transforming me to be more like Him. Meanwhile, take care of the things that are within my sphere of control; instead of focusing on the things that God has not granted yet, be grateful for the blessings that He has already given.  Gratitude does miracles in changing one’s perspective about God, going back to the lesson in the Garden of Eden that God has given so much (salvation, His Word, His Spirit, our needs)… if we are grateful and enjoy God within the parameters He gives (which He has set with our best interest in mind), we could avoid colossal mistakes.

I’m perpetually in the process of learning this. But one of the seasons when I was enjoying God, His goodness, and blessing was on my trip last year when I was able to learn and get inspired by cooking courses and try out different afternoon tea and food from Bordeaux and London for my continuing education.  The sweet finale was when my dear friend, Monique, took me to a place she thought I might fancy… it was, aptly in a beautiful garden setting, Great Fosters.

Great Fosters is a luxury hotel consisting of a historic, stately 16th century mansion graced by the surrounding enchanting gardens on fifty acres of park land in Egham, Surrey, close to Heathrow Airport.  Monique and I went straight for the Afternoon Tea, perfectly timed just before my flight’s check-in time.img_9628img_9636

The Interiors:  [Had I known at the time that I would be writing about my travel, I would have taken more photos.]



The Gardens:



The Afternoon Tea Setup




I had a very delightful time with Monique enjoying our traditional British Afternoon Tea, heart-to-heart conversation, and prayers and praise for what God is doing in each other’s life.  Thank You, Lord, for being reflected in the love and kindness of friends, for Your talents expressed by others in food, interiors, and gardens, for Your creation, and for Your reminders through all these things of the blessing of Your presence everywhere.

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