Trump and Neverland: Two Tea-for-Two’s, Vancouver

The imposing facade spells modern luxury. Situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Golden Mile, the recently (2017) opened Trump Hotel offers a snazzy Afternoon Tea at the lobby just next to Mott 32.


Lisa and I arrived at 4:11pm.

“Our Afternoon Tea just ended at 4 o’clock. Can you come tomorrow?” the host courteously announced.

“Oh, I’m leaving tonight, ” I replied.

“Let me see what I can do,” she thoughtfully replied.

So near and yet so far. Sigh!

But after a few moments, she came back and told us that they would serve us! Why, how lovely, thank you very much!

A geometric multi-level, modern stand carries the Afternoon Tea set.


The Menu:

Food Details:

And as is common for the tradition of afternoon tea, we lingered over the tiniest details of our food, gushing at the feast for the senses… aroma, colors, flavors, textures, the unique combinations and presentation,  inspiring British-speak to the fore.  It was a veddy veddy lovely afternoon indeed, Dah-ling!


Still on one of our Afternoon Tea Adventures, as the prequel to our Trump Afternoon Tea, Lisa, took me to this charming, cozy place, Neverland Tea Salon, named after writer J.M. Barrie’s fantasy setting where Peter Pan never ages.

Because our body composition at this time could have been 30% tea fare, I only got for takeout their specialty Citrus Scone which I ate before boarding my flight that night. Rich flavor, not too sweet. Perfect treat to cap my trip by. May this help me never age like Peter Pan of Neverland!


What a sweet blessing to go through these afternoon tea adventures as part of work to educate my palate! And with the perfect Afternoon Tea companion, my beautiful niece, Lisa. Thank You, Lord! 🙂

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