Thanksgiving Season Is Daily Special

Today’s YouVersion verse is perfect for Thanksgiving week:

I will (commitment; definition #5: expressing habitual behavior)

give (freely transfer the possession of)

thanks (expression of gratitude, appreciation; acknowledgment, recognition, credit)

to You, Lord,

with all my heart (believe it very strongly or deeply)

I will

tell (communicate information, facts, or news to someone in spoken or written words)

of all

Your wonderful deeds.

Dear Lord,

When our children (or people we go out of our way of to bless) are ungrateful, we wonder if they appreciate our sacrifices. When they are grateful, how it blesses us. This Thanksgiving week, we want to commit to not withhold thanks from You but to intentionally give thanks to You, with the rightful appreciation, acknowledgement, recognition, and credit due You.

All the blessings You give us are merely by-products of our relationship with You and prioritizing Your kingdom. We thank You for these gifts, but even of greater value is the blessing of You Yourself, The Giver, who want to pursue a personal relationship with each one of us, giving us Your unconditional love even if You don’t owe us anything… eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (for those who receive Him and believe in His name), the Holy Spirit who is our Helper for everything; Your Word that guides and arms us.

Thank You for the appointed imperfections, trials, and lack that perfectly humble and refine our character for Your purpose.
Please also help us to always express our appreciation to others for being a blessing to us in Your name amen.

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