Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore Afternoon Tea

I heard that Prince Charles was just here the week before.  Not that I would have changed my reservation one way or the other but it’s interesting to note that this hotel meets royal standards.

There is much to feast your eyes on before getting to your Landing Point.

The Clifford Pier was closed for an event:


Here’s the Landing Point for this day’s Afternoon Tea:


The view from the Landing Point’s patio is fantastic:


There are details to explore next door by the hotel lobby and dining spaces while waiting for appointment time.

The pier/travel theme is carried through with rooms named as Voyage, Compass, and Port of Call and leather luggages in the hallway.

Very clean and elegant wash room:


Ready for tea!  The buffet spread:

The mushroom tortellini was robust in flavor with different types of fresh mushrooms. That was my favorite.  The food selections were very filling.

I had the Fullerton Express Tea: White tea with crystalline infusion of highly aromatic wildflowers.

The three-tiered tray menu:

And my lovely company this afternoon:  Nancy Koe.

What a blessed time of fellowship.

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