Black Bear Diner

Twelve-foot wooden bear sculptures mark the entrance of each of the over eighty Black Bear Diner locations in the western United States.  (Each sculpture, carved with a chainsaw by Ray Schulz, depicts the bears in a way that is telling of its location… stomping on grapes, skiing, playing baseball, climbing trees, etc.)

This is heaven for bear lovers! The rustic theme is carefully carried through all the details of the interiors.

They have a bear-themed souvenir retail section by the area where you wait to be seated or be served.

Their bear community newspaper style menu:


Established in 1995, they now have roughly a hundred franchised stores across the western United States offering home-style comfort food in a family friendly setting


Outside of Japan, their pancakes are among the Top 3 Fluffiest Pancakes we’ve ever tried. They have huge servings good for sharing and customer service is pretty good. We were blessed that Corinne took us here!




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