Gift From NFL Pro’s To You

Carson Wentz, Trey Burton, Nick Foles, Zach Ertz, and Chris Maragos with Jordan Matthews of the Buffalo Bills collaborated with YouVersion to make a 15-day devotional study on the Bible App which you can download for your device!

For each day of the study, one of the athletes shares a meaningful verse he has applied to hi life (as an athlete and as a person) which you can apply to yours, too!

Nick Foles talks about how “extremely useful” the YouVersion App has been for him in his Christian growth, and how impactful it is when others share their life experiences, struggles, and how Jesus has changed their heart, life, and perspective on everything. And now, he is paying it forward!

If you sign up for this, I would recommend keeping it on “Private” instead of “With Friends” mode because personally, I want my quiet time with Jesus and the Word to be between Him and me and not a social event. If my friends who may be new to the bible want to socialize with me on YouVersion also see my name on the list and may be tempted to chitchat during her quiet time, I will be stealing from her the opportunity to really savor her moments of revelation, refreshing, renewal that she could only get when she gets alone with God.  If I want to socialize, I will go out with friends, call a friend, go on social media. If I want to go on a bible study with someone, I would prefer to carve out a time to get together to discuss the bible instead of diluting my personal quiet time with more distractions than I already struggle with (like the notifications that pop on when I am reading YouVersion).


Click HERE for the link to check out/sign up for the app.

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