Casa Pam, Tali Beach, Batangas

As early as two months prior, Eric and Pam decided to host a weekend reunion for our high school batch at their beach house as batchmates were coming in from abroad. To make it to breakfast on D-Day, Olive, Vicki, and I left Manila at 5am.

Here’s a sweet reminder for us from a bus before we dozed off for the three hour ride to Tali Beach (near the Cliff Jump Site) in Nasugbu, Batangas.

img_8120The view along the way:img_8130-1img_8128

img_8138-3Inside Tali Beach [gated community], the view from the road:

img_8140-2A little past 8am, we made it to Casa PamEric. Sounds better than Casa EricPam? Well, Eric prefers the name Casa Pam.

Our lovely hosts. Photo Credit: Marian

Eric is the quintessential genius who loves to cook. Everything. From scratch. Pasta? From Scratch. Tortilla? From Scratch. Bread? From Scratch.  If you’re looking for the best kitchen gadget for a specific task, he’s the guy to ask. He says, “I just know a lot of useless stuff.” But it’s really worth asking his opinion instead of investing money in something that will be wasted.

Pam makes all kinds of the most gorgeous commercial and residential kitchens. Your dream kitchen? Pam can make it a reality.  But you need to do the cooking.

For their beach house, they chose a French Country style with their highly recommended Viking (no headache) stove, an aged copper vent, decorative tile backsplash with French Grey cabinetry. The floor is no-headache cement perfect for beachside group picnics.

img_8142The square kitchen table maximizes seating capacity and tabletop space while facilitating face-to-face interaction among everyone (as compared to a rectangular configuration). The benches’ no-headache wood material is perfect for wet sandy shorts fresh from the shore just steps away from the home.

img_8145-1Eric has a wood fired brick oven for his homemade baked-from-scratch breads, pizza doughs, roast chicken, stews, lasagna and a charcoal grill for fresh seafood and meat.

He and Pam put nifty details around the house— finds from their travels around the world like this cast iron winch which I thought was just an embellishment to make the wall look sexy; it’s used to raise basketball backboards in a gym but they actually use it now to control the window blinds. [We all agreed it would be better if I don’t post photos of the family space upstairs area but they’re just so fun and gorgeous!]

A section of their front yard is dedicated for growing vegetables they eat. The empty patch is where last night’s salad came from.

img_8196Today, we are going to eat out on the deck where a lovely white canopy shade (with alternating panels so the breeze can breathe through) made the seating area cozy and looking to the fantastic view less glaring.

img_8148We had Filipino breakfast of longganisa (sweet sausage), danggit (dried fish), sunny side up egg,  and garlic rice.  I thought Eric made the longganisa from scratch but no such luck today. Well, for a two-day nonstop eating fiesta three hours away from home base, it’s a challenge!


img_8317Just next to the deck is an infinity pool from which it looks like the water behind is connected to it.


Chuck, their Chocolate Labrador is such a friendly baby. Resa and he are already chums.

The early risers explore the area. I love this photo of Eric looking at Pam.

L-R: Pam, Eric, Resa, Leia, Marie, Olive, me, Patsy, Arlene, Vicki

Photo Credit:

leia group shot
L-R: Olive, Vicki, Marie, Pam, Me
leia charlies angels
Me, Leia, Vicki

Batch 1 from the Day Before:

L-R: Eric, Pam, Leia, Marie, Jonie, Mon, Marian, Karen A., Arlene, Resa, Lyn Rhona

Batch 2:

L-R: Eric, Pam, Vicki, Resa, Patsy, Olive, Me, Leia, Arlene, Marie

Laughter is part of the meal!


How awesome it is to be in the middle of Nature’s Painting!


Genesis 1:9 And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. 10 God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.

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  1. Surprised to see so much development of the area. Used to go there as a child back in the 60s.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that! I will take a look when I have uninterrupted time! I am excited to discover the beauty of local places to visit!

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