Princess Diaries

My dear friend, Joi, planned a lunch date at this new place in BGC.  Sounded dressy so I fixed myself up in case she takes pictures. Plus I wanted to wear my dinner clothes a second time before I dry cleaned them; those Dryel sheets are rather pricey. 🙂

When I got to the shop, Joi said Cindy was planning a party for her daughter’s arrival and needed some party input so she was coming, too. After a few minutes, I was surprised to see Lillian walk in. I notice all three of them are dressed up in pink. Oh, this is a plan! Cindy finally arrives and they take me to Haru, the nearby Japanese restaurant where Joi and I often go when I need a break from my shop food.

27973363_2032940840054365_8323597739532190520_n27867728_2032940856721030_6095054673131266141_nLillian is so fun to watch with her head-to-toe pink, eyeglasses included.

She leads a beautiful prayer. I am so blessed.

Jorja chimed in! And then Marion who just had pneumonia followed!

Clockwise from L-R: Marion, me, Joi, Lillian, Jorja, Cindy

Haru gave us the private room (wise decision although I don’t think they’ve heard us laugh before) and serve us our yummy food with very attentive, thorough service.

They even gave me a free delicious birthday cassava cake with cheese. Thank you Dr. Vasquez!

I was so happy with the blessing of lunch and company that my friends gave. This is such a special birthday. I didn’t know there was more. Joi’s mom, Mama Nora, had a surprise gift for me, that was “fit for a queen”…. it was my first tiara! Thank you, Mama Nora!!!!!!

So sweet! I didn’t know there was more!

Joi gave me a mug that had my photo on it designed as a broadway Playbill! And at the bottom of the mug it says, “You are loved!” Awwwwww!

I was so entertained by the little raised cut-outs on Joi’s card with personalized greeting on it!  What a sweet surprise!

IMG_8707We laugh, chat, take photos, plan on going to Greenhills, but on the last minute before we carpooled, we agreed we would have dessert at my shop.

When we arrived at my shop, I was further suprised to find balloons and Playbills of different Broadway plays all throughout. Some people have been busy working on this! And then a band Happy Birthday song came on with my two assistants singing along! What a surprise that they were in cahoots with Joi to bless me with a song! But wait, there’s more! The door opens and the rest of my staff come out singing, Karen’s Kitchen birthday cake in tow!  Dear me, they have plotted this!

And… they have prepared a special song number! Yay! I have understudies now!

With my sweet staff:


With my sweet friends:


And there’s more! They have coordinated with one another including some who couldn’t make it today, to give a gift in theme with one of the Broadway plays on the Playbills! We all have big laughs along with precious moments!  Even some very thoughtful and kind staff at UCC sent an unexpected greeting! Thank you!

Thank you, Aika, for your help in setting these up!

Thank you dear Aki, Ann, Cindy, Gia, Joi, Jorja, Lillian Malu, Marion, Mama Nora, Aika, and my staff for being the heart, hands, face of Jesus to remind me yet again that I am loved by Him through you.

Diva Joi, you are the best party planner ever! Thank you for the handmade decor you thoughtfully made with great detail, the coordination for everyone to take part in this.



It would have been enough for you to greet me, but you went a step further to dine with me! Dayenu! It would have been enough that you dined with me but you did more! And more! And more! Thank you, even in this birthday blessing you gave me, you reflect God’s gracious heart. Dayenu! It would have been enough for Him to give salvation through Jesus, but He gives His Holy Spirit to intercede for and empower us, His Word to guide us, His people to mentor and love us, the difficult circumstances and people to refine us, and one another to be His channels of love and grace! Thank you my dear friends for the reminder that in Jesus, we have the right to become the children of the King of Kings, and therefore… princesses!

John 1:12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.





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  1. Joi Cutter says:

    You are so welcome and deserving!

    1. Unworthy but so very grateful dearest Joi! Love you!!!!!

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