The Lost Coat

I was looking for a coat to pack when Manang casually told me that I left my Yeti coat abroad.

img_3006It came in handy for the negative 2 degree Celsius winter weather in Canada when I visited the young’uns but I am sure I didn’t leave it abroad.

img_9551Except how come it’s not here? I squeezed my memory cells so hard until my flashback reached day of return to Manila.  Mamacita and I were three hours from the airport so when we got picked up from the house, it was still sunny and warm; she dressed for mild temperature. But the airport airconditioning and an outdoor march to the plane via bus made her cold so I lent her my coat. See how happy and warm she is?

The efficient flight attendant volunteered to hang Coat in their storage for Mamacita’s convenience. Upon arrival in Manila, I was so preoccupied ensuring we didn’t have to wait for all passengers to deplane before getting wheelchair assistance, that Coat  slipped my mind.  We left it on board! Mystery solved!  But it has been over two weeks; that plane has gone through several flight journeys since…chances of retrieving it seemed…nil.

I texted my niece who works for Philippine Airlines and sent her a description of the coat plus our flight details.  Just before an hour was over, Vanessa’s text came in: “Hi Tita, we have your coat.” And within twenty-four hours, Coat was back! Thank you so much, Vanessa!

Would like to commend Philippine Airlines and their whole team for handling my coat return so efficiently and quickly even with the time elapsed before I checked.

Mabuhay, Philippine Airlines!

Here is a Blessing Verse for your business:

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon you, and establish the work of your hands…” Psalm 90:17

Thanking the Lord for this reminder that what we think is lost can be given back.




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