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The first time I saw Kuh Ledesma sing “Ako Ay Pilipino,” her commanding presence and rich silky voice declaring pride in being a Filipino etched a vision of a regal, dignified, strong Filipina worth looking up to.

kuh ako ay pilipino

Over three decades hence, Maria Socorro Ledesma, as fit and fabulous as ever, continues to grow in grace and beauty on and off stage, having transcended the world of entertainment into fashion, art, business, and ministry. Having performed at over a thousands concerts around the world, received multiple awards for her music, launched twenty albums, she was the first Filipino singer to receive a Salem Music Award in London in 1989. She has performed with the likes of Michel Legrand, Noel Pointer, Jack Jones, Kenny Rankin, John Denver, David Pomeranz and has travelled all over the world as a solo artist in sold-out concerts at prestigious venues like the Cow Palace, The Grove, Hillsong Centre, Osceola Performing Arts Centre, and Carnegie Hall.

Beyond her life in the limelight, Kuh has recognized her gift of faith from God which gives her the desire to serve Him and her country.  To celebrate her birthday on March 16, as she thought of the best way to give back to Him, she put together a benefit concert  through the Holy Bible Giver Foundation with the mission to bring hope and healing to  depressed areas of the Philippines by sharing bibles and the message of hope in Christ. She will be joined by her very talented friends in the entertainment industry,


Here is an interview I had of Kuh.

I was at your first Kuhl concert and was so blessed to hear the personal stories of how your then guests came to know the Lord.  What were the post-concert  highlights that blessed you?  The feedback of people who came……that they were blessed, especially by the portion with all the artists who openly shared their testimonies.  There are many who came back to CCF to attend the Sunday services. I believe that the show’s message planted good seeds in people’s hearts.

kuhl 1
The 2016 (First) Kuhl Concert


Was there a particular feedback from that concert that  led you to mount Part 2? Well, first of all, the Kuhl Event’s purpose is to raise funds for the Holy Bible Giver Foundation and this foundation supports pastors who uplift people in depressed areas of our country; the show is filled with messages much needed for such a time as this.

For your guests this year, what were the criteria for you to choose them?  Were you part of their journey towards knowing the Lord?  They have to be believers of the bible, siempre marunong kumanta (of course, they can sing). Carlo Orosa was already a Christian before I came to know Jesus Christ.  Isabella and I received Jesus as our Lord and Savior at the same time. Alden is the only one in the group who received Jesus thru me a few years ago.

In your own journey with the Lord, what is your most cherished milestone that really defined your walk with Him? Hahaha, it’s quite personal. I don’t mind sharing the but it’s really long. What I love sharing with many are the days when I would listen to so many great pastors on different topics which really helped me understand more. I didn’t just depend on the once-a-week bible classes or Sunday message.

Do you remember what your wish was for your 18th birthday?
I come from a lower middle class family and I was not into material things. I knew that my mother who was the breadwinner could not afford much.  I was just glad to celebrate with family.

Knowing what you know today, can you bless the 18-year old Kuh with an encouragement prayer? Father in Heaven, I thank You for all the blessings— my family that prays in Jesus name,  my brothers and sister who are well, and my mother who loves us so much, sacrificing to give us the best she can. I pray You continue to draw me and my family to You in a more personal way. Teach me and enable me to love You more and more and to trust and obey You because I know You know what’s best for me- and I pray You help me to use this life to bring glory to You.

What might your 18-year old self tell the 2018 Kuh? I’m so glad you found Jesus Christ in a personal way and you’re not wasting any time in telling people how important it is to have a personal relationship with Him.

From your solo career to solo parenting, you have been walking victoriously. What encouragement can you give someone who feels or is alone? Go to Bible Classes.  Seek God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Surround yourself with people who have great faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Prioritize having a life that is Christ- centered.

Here is an interview of Kuh by Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart program:

Among all the prestigious concerts you performed in and duets with fellow bigwigs, what would be your favorite performance? There are just too many amazing duets I’ve done with so many amazing local artists but Regine [Velasquez]’s duet with me of Sino Ang Baliw? is always great; the Ikaw duet I did with Martin [Nievera] was also excellent. Zsazsa [Padilla] and I also do a lot of duets that are among my favorites.

How do you keep so fit? I do some exercises and I control my eating of rich food. I sleep early as much as I can and I don’t eat too much rice.

Who inspired your fashion sense? A lot of people—-designers that are true geniuses… I’ve done a lot of research… I look at magazines, discarding the worldly outfits after I’ve come to know what is moral and pleasing to God.

Can you give fashion tips for women to look classy? It’s never what the fad is but what is uniquely attractive to the person—it’s got to be the cut that is suited to an individual.   Hair and make up must also be suitably selected.

kuh diva

For someone who doesn’t understand why the bible is important for you, what would you tell them?  In simple terms, the bible is God’s love letter to mankind. It is Godly wisdom that guides and protects us. It provides answers to all questions in life—it’s all in the bible— so that we are not left confused and lost. It shows us that God did not leave us alone when He created us. And the word of God is alive and active (Heb 4: 12). It is our sword  of the spirit. We need spiritual weapons to fight spiritual enemies.

As a woman after God’s own heart who is bold to share your faith, what is your journey like… what is God teaching you in this season? More and more, I am reminded that time is of the essence; I feel the urgency to bring more people to God and save souls for God’s kingdom. My time is precious and I want to use it to reap rewards and treasures in Heaven.


Dear Friends,

Here is a concert that doesn’t just give you the Last Song Syndrome but a time well spent getting uplifted and blessed. Take someone you care about to this concert. Whoever refreshes others will also be refreshed!

Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo will also be supporting this event. Hope you will be able to watch it!

The 2nd KuhL Event, a concert of great music and inspiration happens on
March 16, 2018 at 7:30pm at CCF Tiendesitas [Click HERE for Map]
For tickets, call 09087233355, 09178139065, and 09478905368 or call 8919999.

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