Mundane Is Sacred

Torii, the traditional Japanese gate usually found at entrances of Shinto shrines, marks the transition from the mundane to sacred.

In contrast,  for the follower of Jesus Christ, even the mundane can be sacred.

Steven Curtis Chapman put into song 1 Cor 10:31 (whatever you do, do it for the glory of God) and Rom 12:1 (whatever you do that you offer to God forms part of your worship).

DO EVERYTHING (by Steven Curtis Chapman) Excerpts

You’re picking up toys on the living room floor

For the fifteenth time today

Matching up socks

Sweeping up lost cheerios that got away

You put a baby on your hip

Color on your lips and head out the door

While I may not know you,

I bet I know you

Wonder sometimes, does it matter at all?

Well let me remind you, it all matters just as long

As you do everything you do

To the glory of the One who made you,

‘Cause He made you,

To do

Every little thing that you do

To bring a smile to His face

Tell the story of grace

With every move that you make

And every little thing you do
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