Kuh Ledesma and Isabella Gonzalez’s Encouragement for People With Afflictions

Kuh Ledesma gets authentic and shares about her daughter, Isabella’s diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. She encouraged those who (or parents whose children) undergo afflictions; she talked about how Isabella was able to get weaned from psychotropic drugs, the value of biblical counseling, the promises of the Lord.

Isabella sings “I Need A Miracle.”

Isabella also honored her mom, trying hold back her tears, she said,

“I want to honor this woman. In the bible, if you look at Proverbs 31, I can check every box there… except maybe the last part where it says her husband honors her at the city gate… it’s just her ex-husband… but… we’ve gotten through a lot over the past three years specially and one thing I have to say about my mother is: she’s a forgiver. She gives me love and she forgives me.  She doesn’t take her long to do it. She says, “Okay, I forgive you. Let’s move on. Let’s go.” She’s my coach, mentor, sometimes she’s my general. And I don’t mind. She’s my Wonderwoman.  I praise the Lord for her [to the audience’s likewise emotional applause]… This song is my song to you, I know it’s your song to me, but more than that, I’m so grateful that it’s God’s song to us… because I really felt His love all throughout our lives.”Isabella honors her mom, Kuh Ledesma

And they sang the most beautiful duet of “I Will Be Here.”  Somehow the song is not uploading. I wish you could see them both singing to each other God’s song for all of us. Such a beautiful mother-daughter pair with the most awesome voices.

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