Denim Street, Kurashiki

Denim Ice Cream, Denim Buns, Denim Sandwiches, drink, and other creative denim-themed products can be found on Denim Street. A short distance away, even the Noren (Japanese curtain in front of a store) which is usually made of traditional Japanese cloth, looks like denim pants! Kurashiki is regarded as the birthplace of denim in Japan, an offshoot of its cotton industry. The actual denim district is in Kojima (named after Kurashiki’s artist hero, Kojima Torajirō) but it is represented here in the Bikan Historical Quarter on Denim Street.

This is a little walk farther… a denim suit store!

Below is a Noren, the traditional curtain in front of a store, rendered in denim.

Souvenir stores (this one is behind Ivy square) have different products made of denim, including umbrellas with denim theme.

Denim is one of my favourite fabrics because it is usually comfortably casual and comes in my favorite color, blue. It was a delight to see its birthplace in Japan!





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