Sapporo City Trek

After watching the Filipino film Kita Kita, I got so excited to see Hokkaido which was filmed in this region! [Kita Kita Filming Locations] Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo, is a convenient base for the region. Getting around (except for the Furano lavender area) is easy with trains, even from the New Chitose Airport. With a little more time, a leisurely scenic train ride from Tokyo is also a good option.

A hotel by the Sapporo Station makes exploring the city convenient.  It seems that the train stations for the big cities (such as Sapporo which is the fifth largest in Japan) are equipped with convenience stores, basic shopping so that you don’t have to travel far to get your bearings upon arrival.

Near the Sapporo train station is the Kani-Honke Restaurant with a delicious crab degustation menu.

Crab soup, sushi, boiled, salad, tofu, siomai, sashimi, tempura, gratin, etc.:

Within walkable distance is the Sapporo Clock Tower but it was under renovation at the time of this visit.

A little further down is Odori Park which separates Sapporo into North and South. The  Sapporo TV Tower [below] has an observation deck with a great overview of the city, and is especially stunning at night.

It is quite relaxing to just sit in the park and take in the relaxing and dynamic sights and sounds at the park with fellow sojourners sharing this time and space at the same time. Hokkaido specialties like corn, ice cream and other dairy, are available for enjoyment.

Still walkable distance away is the Former Hokkaido Government Office, a.k.a. “red brick office,” which has been converted to a tourist information office, libraries, museum with exhibits on Hokkaido’s history, a shop.

img_8784The surrounding graceful Japanese garden is refreshing.

Just past the Goverment Building’s front gate is this commercial center with shops and restaurants.


Walking through the city, we came across Ramen Street, one of which was a Michelin-rated shop.

A lot of people rode bikes.

There is a vast selection of food to try all over the city. This is what I tried for dinner:

If you have a chance to try this regional specialty, the Soup Curry [pronounced ka-ri here], this was just across the Sapporo Station. You can ask your concierge how to find it.





So thankful for God’s grace to see this place.
























































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