Venetian Glass Museum, Hakone

Twinkle, twinkle, little star! Er….. I mean glass! Thousands of them! In broad daylight! Little pieces of Venetian Glass gently sway to and fro to the blowin’ in the wind as they hang from trees and a towering bridge canopy . They reflect the light they catch, producing a majestic sparkling wonderland. Add stunning glass sculptures set amidst a backdrop of Hakone’s poetic mountains with this season’s autumn foliage… and you’re ready to walk into your fairy tale!

Be entranced at the entrance:


The Gardens (Please click the PLAY button for a 360 view of the grounds 🙂

img_3832There are many pockets of resting areas  where you can take in the view. There is also a cafe where you can take your refreshments.

With my sister-in-law, Barbie

Live performances of Italian canzoni [ballads] are held here regularly.

Can you find Barbie in this photo? 🙂




Behind the water wheel is a shop that sells nuts, snacks, and delightful delicious not-too-sweet jams.

The indoor museum that houses classic and modern Venetian glass artworks:


Here is the website of the museum with its Japanese name: Garasanumori. And that is the name your Japanese taxi driver will understand more easily.

The museum has sandblasting and fusing hands-on experiences. Please click HERE for more info.

But all of us are like people who have no cloth over our faces. Like mirrors, we shine with God’s bright light. And he is changing us so that we become more and more like him. We become brighter and brighter as the Lord’s Spirit changes us. -2 Corinthians 3:18 EASY

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