Maple Corridor, Lake Kawaguchi

A news crew documents the first day of Maple Corridor Illumination.

Summer took long this year so the leaves have still been getting enough sunshine and chlorophyll, staying green and delaying autumn.

img_5292It is when the weather gets too cold, hours of sun are shorter, and the leaves are deprived of chlorophyll that they turn to marvellous shades of autumn. A case of lack, fading, and dying turning out for glory! Autumn proves that the end of a season is only the beginning of the next beautiful one.

At its most glorious, the Maple Corridor looks like a tunnel carpeted, walled, and canopied by red maple leaves. We are about two weeks too early but I’m just as happy to be here. Looking at the green (instead of autumn-coloured) overhead canopy reminds me that we walk by faith and not by sight.

Koyo or Momiji (when leaves turn their autumn color) is a big awaited event and on this day or our visit, November 2, it was the designated first day of the Autumn Festival. Finally, the lights are turned on!
A fire for all to keep warm around the local arts and crafts outdoor market by the Maple Corridor.

Awesome Autumn!

An outdoor Monkey Theatre performance and a last wistful look at Lake Kawaguchi nighttime skyline as we conclude our trip to Lake Kawaguchi.


This is our Driver-san, Hasegawa-san booked through Voyagin. He was so super duper kind. He gave the beloved Japanese fans and me, these beautiful Japanese handkerchiefs.

Our itinerary was Shinkansen train from Tokyo Station to Odawara Station (about 20 mins). Pick up by Hasegawa-san at Odawara Station.

Hakone Glass Museum

Drive to Yamanashi to go to Oshino Hakkai, Tenjo Yama Ropeway, Kawaguchiko Music Forest, Maple Corridor.  If you can do at least an overnight stay, that would be best as there is so much more to explore here.

Hasegawa-san dropped us off at Kawaguchiko Station in time for our express bus (2 hours 9 mins) to Tokyo Station.

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