Thanksgiving Dinner from Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Public Market is a food lover’s paradise. With fifty main retailers and over a hundred more rotating day-vendors selling local and international artisanal foods (and crafts), a wide international selection of delicious cooked food and ingredients for what you want to cook yourself, it has practically everything you need in a market. And more. 

Just outside the public market are shops, art galleries, restaurants, theaters (for plays, improv), a boutique hotel, community center, restaurants, a brewery that offers beer tasting and tours, a deck where street performers entertain, a taxi bus dock from where you can take a tour or cross to downtown in a few minutes, and a gorgeous view of the bridge with the marina where you might be able to witness seagull grabbing a tourist’s sandwich!

There is a heightened campaign to increase awareness that the best way to care for the birds is, as nature intended, to let them find their own food that will be good for them. 

img_8049img_8047I never tire of coming back here again and again and no Vancouver trip is complete until I get to come here, my go-to stop when shopping for a stay-in meal. 

For an early Thanksgiving celebration, I came here to get supplies. But before I could get to the food vendors, I came across Our Little Flower Company (OLF CO) selling dried flowers and foliage, in different colors so charmingly hanging from the overhead display line.  I thought this would be nice since it will last more than a few days. Kyrsten said they last practically forever; so I chose some flowers and leaves and she started skillfully arranging them, pulling here and there until it became a pretty bouquet.


I stopped by the produce vendor for greens then went to Zara for Italian supplies— Sundried Tomato Sauce (Super.Thumbs.Up!), Pesto Sauce, Fresh Butternut Squash Ravioli, Grissini, Mozzarella Basil Tomato Salad, and a panettone, some truffle paste. It was practically a meal.

Stopped by for two slices of steak, a slice of salmon, still had the Iberico ham from yesterday’s  stop at the charcuterie.

I did the big little salad and Kyle expertly prepared everything else like a true pro while Matt set the table and kept the smoke alarm at bay.

The seared/baked salmon, steak, and butternut squash with lobster were all perfect. It’s a blessing to have a chef in the family.

img_8359-1That was a very satisfying meal. #burp


A blessed thanksgiving to all.img_0571

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