Hidden Nature Trail in Tokyo

Dogs do it, ducks do it, even little kids do it, let’s do it, let’s nature walk!

If like me, you are trying to resist the temptation to shop, Todoroki Valley is a great healthy alternative activity (at least an hour or half a day if you like to linger) on a relatively easy-to-tread one-kilometer nature trail in the middle of  Setagaya Ward which, among Tokyo’s special wards, is the most densely populated. Even kids, senior citizens, and cute little puppies like to stroll in this natural sanctuary in the midst of Tokyo’s hurry scurry flurry just outside.

Duration of Trail Walk: minimum of about 30 minutes (depending on how much you want to wander and survey the details in nature)

Travel Time from Tokyo Station by train: about 50 minutes
Travel Time from Tokyo Station by Taxi: about 26 minutes

What to wear: I would recommend

  • good-grip rubber soles and rubber shoes if possible as the trail can be dusty and/or damp.
  • protection for cold as temperature drops when you enter Todoroki Valley
  • sun protection (hat with wide brim, sunscreen)
  • rain protection (compact umbrella or waterproof hood)
  • insect spray just in case

Trail Highlights:

  • bridges
  • a temple
  • a river
  • remains of tunnel tombs
  • variety of trees, birds, rocks

5 Benefits of Nature Walks:

  • 1. Relieve stress
  • 2. Detoxify the mind and body from an electronically charged environment
  • 3. Lower blood pressure
  • 4. Decrease anxiety, depression, and anger
  • 5. Improved mind clarity and concentration


Fun to see an early-blooming maple tree in spring!

The temple:

From Tokyo Station, this is 35 mins away by taxi, 50 mins by train with transfer at Oimachi Station onto Todoroki Station. From Todoroki Station exit, it is only about a five-minute walk to the entrance of Todoroki Valley.  behind this supermarket:

Thank You, Lord for Your creation which are so beneficial for us!

And thank You for enjoyable ways to have a way out of the delicious temptation to shop.

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