Knockdown Lockdown with The Chosen Costume Party

The first time Edel and Jopad posted links to The Chosen on our Praying Wife Forum (PWF) thread, I immediately asked if it was faithful to Scriptures.

The “WIFE” in Praying W.I.F.E. Forum stands for Word-Inspired, Faith-Encouraged (credit to Roni) and we are seeking to coach women on being empowered by Scriptures in daily life. As one of the servants tasked to filter out unbibical material that may confuse or tangle us in plagues that come with adding or subtracting to the Word, I researched “The Chosen” with a click of a finger. Anyway, it’s global lockdown Coronavirus season with Enhanced Community Quarantine.

The write-up ( mentioned the merits of the series and that’s all great if it’s for entertainment because I lurv movies but it’s tricky when someone thinks an artistic representation of Jesus is bible truth… “But ‘Jesus’ (the actor in a film) said / did this!” And the real Jesus might withhold a crown needlessly on account of this.

One thing caught my eye though: Ravi Zacharias endorses The Chosen. [I consider Dr. Ravi as one of my spiritual fathers albeit just by YouTube and his visits to CCF]. It has to be valuable if he endorses it. Then I discovered that the creator, Dallas Jenkins (son of Left Behind author Jerry Jenkins) believes in keeping the integrity of the bible.

I clicked the link to the free livestream episode over the Holy Week and ended up finishing Season 1 in two days.

Over Black Saturday Zoom smallgroup meeting, I mentioned my discovery; my mentor, Beth Sanders, revealed that their church, Maranatha Chapel, Rancho Bernardo (the church I go to when I visit San Diego and not just for the to-die-for strawberry donuts but for the biblical messages from Pastor Ray Bentley and the other speakers) conducts bible studies around The Chosen. Turns out her husband, Pastor Martin (one of my other spiritual fathers) is on the team that writes the bible study reflection questions!

Got inspired to knockdown lockdown with a The Chosen Costume Party and was blessed that my fellow E-F.A.T.-roditus (Faithful Available Teachable) sisters with hearts to serve the Lord liked the idea! So we had our first one today!

The Chosen series is not intended to replace the bible but to support it. For example, in the Healing of the Paralytic (Mark 2:1-12), the Pharisees were thinking to themselves Jesus was blaspheming but in The Chosen Episode 6, a Pharisee verbalises these thoughts so we could connect what’s happening. The wife of Simon Peter is unnamed in Scripture but in the series she is assigned a name to allow interaction with Peter so the narrative could be presented.

We had to go to the polling precinct (Viber) to vote Best Costume! And the winners are:

First Place: Phoebe as Nicodemus
Second Place: Malu as Egyptian Woman
Ette as Crowd

Praying we can do this again soon!

Takeaway Learnings:

Bawal Mukmok-covid kaya #pwfchosenonline (Covid-moping is prohibited so #pwfchosenonline)
Am I the paralytic who feels helpless and no longer knows what to pray? Am I the crowd that’s just curious? Am I the house owner who cries, “Thats my roof,” already upset about the cost; the Pharisee who is stuck in what I’ve been taught that I miss out on Jesus who is revealing Himself in front of me; am I the four friends who am able and willing to inconvenience myself to help someone get not just their surface need met but their most important need solved— the need for eternal life beyond the tip of the iceberg trials; am I the “some” who heard who Jesus is but am busy or indifferent? Maybe I have been all at one time or another. I am learning from the Healing of the Paralytic to keep pressing on towards Jesus. I can’t help all people but He can. He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. But rather than limit myself to the gift He can give, I am learning to lean in to the Giver Himself.
The Chosen is not a replacement for Scripture but its intention is to support Scripture. (Like for ex., in Scripture the Pharisee thinks something but in the movie he verbalises his thought for us to understand what’s going on).
The filmmaking is terrific. Behind Simon Peter in the rooftop is smoke from someone’s faraway chimney. #details .


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One of my beloved spiritual fathers, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, who probably doesn’t remember me 🙂 His endorsement to The Chosen led me to watch it. (May The Lord grant him healing and good health in Jesus’s name amen)
Right to Left: Pastor Martin and Beth Sanders (my spiritual mentors) and my Mamacita.

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  1. Dea Mariano says:

    I love The Chosen too! Film-making is exceptional. I agree that it’s not to replace the Scripture, but just to support it. And your photo with Dr. Ravi makes me jealous!

    1. Karen E. Young says:

      That’s terrific to hear Dea! Yes, “exceptional” is the better word! Awww 🥰 this is the story behind that photo!

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