Attitude of Gratitude

It’s easy to well up with gratitude for blessed days like today. Love, grace, peace, joy, and music overflowed. Indeed this is a gift from God. Thank you, Lord! But the verse in 1Thess 5:18, Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus, reminds us that we need to condition our minds to be thankful not only in the wonderful happenings but in ALL circumstances, that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lord, I give you thanks today for all that you have allowed in my life— the good, the bad, and the ugly circumstances. I surrender them to you and give thanks for your only-good, only-loving purposes for me. Your will is good, pleasing, and perfect (Rom 12:2) even though in my limited vision and understanding, they sometimes appear bad, undesirable, and erroneous. Even though I don’t know the reasons, I know you, and I know you my Abba Father want only what is best for me. Thank you that you are not finished yet and the ugly circumstances are not yet the end of the story. You are at work. At the perfect time, you will reveal the rest of the story, the entire tapestry. In retrospect, I will see that you are indeed right.

As I wait  upon you, please strengthen my inner being, increase my faith, and hold me in the palm of your hand, enable me to persevere, be clothed in your full armor, overcome my circumstances, and finish well. Thank you for stretching me so that I may not stagnate as a caterpillar but morph towards being a butterfly. Today, I give thanks in all my circumstances for this is your  good, pleasing, and perfect will for me in Christ Jesus.


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  1. gratefully yours, says:

    When I first heard my counsellor told me to “give thanks in ALL my circumstances”, I unabashedly told her, “Are you nuts? ..Didn’t you hear what I just said? ”

    Now, I hear this being trumpeted by motivational speakers, New Agers, spiritual gurus and talk show hosts.

    Apparently, there is some truth to this I began say to myself.

    But what exactly is the truth?

    What I have observed from my watching, listening and reading all these materials, is that ‘positivity’ or ‘giving thanks in all circumstances’ is truly essential in leading a happy life.

    But what differentiates BIBLICAL positivity or gratefulness is for whom believers devote this action to. True believers are grateful and has a positive outlook towards life because God wills us to. As oppose to a John Doe being positive and grateful to reap the rewards that go with it.

    Not that all believers are positive nor grateful. But this is our calling. To be positive and grateful in ALL circumstances because it is “God’s will for us in Jesus Christ”.

    But how do you will yourself to become positive if you do not feel it? A good friend shared with me that she can do the ‘impossible’ like ‘giving thanks in horrible circumstances’ when she offers this act to please her God rather offer it for the person involved.

    Therefore, I now choose to offer my act of gratefulness not only in the positives of my life but most specially for the negatives knowing that this will please my abba Father in heaven.

    If I do it first even without meaning it, i believe the ‘true feeling’ of gratefulness will come later because of my obedience.

    So Here’s to an attitude of gratitude! May our Lord be praised!

    1. Dear Gratefully Yours,
      Way to go! You are exactly on the right track by faith offering your gratitude “most specially for the negatives” knowing it will please Abba. Faith and obedience first. Feelings after. That is an encouraging insight from you to me. Thank you, Gratefully Yours!

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