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How can our talk match our walk with God?

Dra. Annabelle Robles is a dentist by profession.  She was an apt teacher for James 3 about Taming the Tongue as Oral Health is her business.  I was so blessed by her insightful teaching that I asked her permission if I could share parts of her lesson from the notes I took with BITS readers.  In her generosity, she sent me her whole AVP! Hope this compressed version will bless you.

Part 1: James likens the tongue, among other things, to a ship’s rudder— so small, but can steer the direction of a whole ocean liner! bits annabelle robles Secondly, James likens the tongue to a small fire, as from a match, that is so tiny yet it can destroy acres and acres of forest. bits annabelle destroy what i have We have a choice to build up or destroy. Thirdly, out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.  What is stored in our hearts will be the first to spill out. What comes out of our mouths reveals our inner character. Bits annabelle 3 displays who i am Because what comes out of our mouths is a mere overflow, the solution to the wrong words coming out of our mouths and the wrong character is:   a new heart in Christ. bits annabelle new heart correct God is making us new in Christ every moment.  We can confess our sins and cast all our burdens to Him, ask Him to create a clean heart in us.

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Photo from this site
Photo from this site

Lord, please help us to guard our mouths. Muzzle our mouths if we have nothing good or edifying to say. Give us new hearts, Lord.  May we stand in awe of You before we release words from our mouths. Victory in this is not by might nor power but by Your Spirit in Jesus’s name amen.



Dra. Annabelle Robles with husband, CCF Bulacan's Pastor Ed Robles
Dra. Annabelle Robles with husband, CCF Bulacan’s Pastor Ed Robles
Dra Annabelle Robles with her children, all dentists
Dra. Annabelle Robles with her children, all dentists

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