Why I Didn’t Fight Her On This

Photo from shareaverse.wordpress.com
Photo from shareaverse.wordpress.com

Dear Lord, Thank You for Joy, Defense, Blessing, Favor!

Thank You for today’s YouVersion verse to remind me that I can rejoice in You, I can trust You.  You let me Shout for joy, an emphatic declaration of joy because You are my Defender.  I take refuge in You.  The woman who was not satisfied with trying to destroy my marriage and my sons’ faith for her benefit proceeded to attack my business the other month, using her influence in her online platforms and national daily to attack out of the whole gamut of cakes available worldwide, the cake for which my business won two awards, before diverting readers en masse to twelve other highly recommended cakes to buy.

I was upset at first but You reminded me that my business is not mine.  You are the one who enabled me to make the cake recipe. You are the one who enabled me to be here. If only flies should visit my shop despite my only-now reviving effort after my life’s greatest trial, it is still Your business (yes, the pun).  My part is to be a good steward of my business and be a good witness.  Every 24-hour cycle since I discovered her attack on my business, You sustained me to look to You, my God and Defender. Only by Your grace.

You reminded me that the Tanchi Family surrender their violators to You, You are helping me to choose to surrender my violator to You, too. Only by Your grace.

Thank You for this affirmation that I love Your name and as much as I possibly can by Your empowerment and my surrender, would love for Your name to be magnified, that what I do would glorify You.  I will be joyful in You.  You are the reason for my being. And doing.  I entrust my life and my business to You.  Blessing comes from You.  No one can thwart Your plans.  You are not limited by human efforts.  Thank You for Your promise that it is You, (the One True God, the Alpha and Omega, the Holy One of Israel), who will bless those who put their trust in You.   I put my trust in You. You are my Help. Thank You for Your promise that with favor, You will surround me as with a shield.  All glory to You alone in Jesus’s name amen.


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