Message from Manila

Through an ordinary transaction— the purchase of a centrepiece (originally intended) for my Petron store— our extraordinary God gave glimpses of restoration to both me and this beautiful oven’s previous owners, Ed and Terry.

   Ed described DJ (the Detroit Jewel) as “an inspiration to all how something or someone can be restored from ruin to glory.” This stove was the reason that the Kapitolyo store came about. Thanking God for the hope that there is healing in the oven…

The Infinite Fountain

Detroit_JewelIn August, we sold our 100 year-old Detroit Jewel gas cooking stove. My dad bought it at a swap meet in 1972 and not quite knowing what to do with it, gave it to me. When I got it, it was little more than a rusted out hulk and a box full of parts. I gave it a new coat of high heat black paint, cleaned the rust off the cast iron burners, polished the brass valves, bolted it together, and brought it back to life. I have used it as my kitchen stove ever since. I moved it to New Hampshire and back to LA in the mid 70’s, and for the past 30 years it has been a stalwart companion in our home in Venice. Thousands of wonderful meals have come from its 4 star-shaped burners and its temperamental oven. Jake learned how to cook on it as a…

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