Touched by Inspiring Persons of the World Part 2

When I used to have the luxury of time to have frequent lunches out (a.k.a. before the Kapitolyo shop opened), one of my restaurants of choice was Shangrila Mall’s Duck and Buvette, the baby of Chef Jackie Tan which I enjoyed with dear friends and family. 

   I love the food and service. I know for sure that if I go there, I will have an enjoyable experience. I see Jackie every now and then but when my designer, Joi, brought her over yesterday to the shop, I was delighted to have more Chatime with them both.     I enjoyed listening to Jackie and her experiences. She is a hard worker, unspoiled by the privilege she grew up with. She goes around subbing in each and every work station of her restaurant whenever needed which she appreciates because it enables her to verify  when someone says something is too hard to do or can’t be done, etc.   She recalls the time she used to come in to work at 8am and go home at 2am cooking the ducks.  She shared some of the challenges which I also experience now. 

I confessed to her that it weighs me down when people say that I will get tired if I kept up the hands-on work I’m doing. I know people are concerned and caring that’s why they probably want to validate if I want to take a rest.

One one of the several days I snoozed my alarm clock in the morning while I kept my YouVersion audio bible, I woke up to this verse:  

Oopsies!!  Gee, would that not make me motivated to take on the challenge to be hardworking? 😊 I had so much time to sleep in before. 😁

When Peter told Jesus He shouldn’t suffer…

“Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.
”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭16:23‬ ‭

A regular chef would really work longer hours than I do and expect to do it even perhaps seven days a week.. I accepted this stewardship with open eyes knowing it’s not a glamor job but being quietly busy with my hands and seeking to please Him through my current work assignment.  I can’t aspire to be a chef in theory if I am not willing to do the work in reality, right Self? Unless I am disabled from working or am really dead tired (which would promptly send me for a massage anyway), I pray that God’s sufficient grace will sustain me to joyfully be industrious at trying to do an excellent job. So please help me, God! 

Thank You for the inspiration and friendship from Jackie. That was a timely visit and encouragement.  May You continue to bless all the work of her hands according to Your glorious riches in Jesus’s name amen. 

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