Encouraging Entrepreneurship Part 1 : 702 DZAS Guesting

Yesterday, I called my friend Malu Ortiz to ask her to pray for me because I was scheduled to guest at the entrepreneurial inspiration/  encouragement show of Far East Broadcasting Corp.  She agreed to pray for me and asked, “You want me to accompany you?” I said, “Sure!” She is regularly interviewed on the different shows at the station and knows how to get there too. (Her book, Ikaw Na Ang Maganda, is number 1 at OMF Literature and also now avaialable at Amazon. She has written three other noteworthy books and has been a longtime board member of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines as well!)
We were ushered in to a lounge to wait. She gave me some tips… “Try to relax and make it conversational, not ‘one question one answer’; try to make it Taglish to be understandable to a wider audience.” We prayed together for the Holy Spirit to fill and guide me on what to say and not to say that would bring encouragement to the listeners.  One of the aims of the show is to inspire Filipinos to be entrepreneurs within the Philippines.

Having been encouraged by my former AIM Ventures in Entrepreneurship coach, Jay Bernardo who is founder of Let’s Go Foundation whose goal is “helping the economy by creating a nation of entrepreneurs,” this was something I have the heart to do. Carlo Calimon who is practically running Let’s Go now, working with the Department of Education to include Entrepreneurship in the High School curriculum, is one of my reliable go-to persons for business advice every now and then.

I agreed to guest not from the perspective of a teacher but of a student who is willing to share what she’s learned.

One of the hosts, Lemuel Reunir came to the lounge and we did a short run-through of my business story and that very much helped put me somewhat at ease because I already met him and he was kind and I had an idea what would happen when we go on air.

Later we were brought to the recording room talking about the challenges of being an entrepreneur, how my business started, the transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, the blessings of being one, and I don’t know exactly how it ended up that I sang a portion of two songs for the senior citizens listening, ” Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” and Laura Story’s “Blessings.”

 The four of us with Jo Alabastro, the other host, and Malu were just like chatting over coffee.


They said they would send me the recording on email soon.:)

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