Placemat Sharing

The other night, I was chatting with the last two customers and they started appreciating the food and the details of the shop. I asked them if they saw the verses on their placemats. This was the gentleman’s placemat with Karla Dornacher’s artwork: 

asked him if the words made sense to him. He answered, “I’m not into reading verses.” I read the verse twice. Then I shared with him how the verse spoke to me.  I said “the words ‘shall be’ sounds like a declaration that no matter what you’re going through or how you feel, this is what it’s going to be: you will be like a well-watered garden. What do you think a well-watered garden looks like?” He said, “Nice.” “I immediately agreed with him and added, ” Yes!! I think it will also be fruitful and green, fresh, beautiful. It won’t be dried out and dead.”  The lady added, “The picture of the well strikes me.” My attention was drawn to the well and I replied, “yes that’s right. If we were in the desert and found a well, we would have a source of life.” They both got excited and shared with me that they were so happy they came that night. He shared that the placemat encouragement was timely because he had been feeling down and he felt like there was something wrong with him (emotionally, as he gestured around his heart) that he should have himself checked.

I said, “In the time of Jesus, I don’t think they labeled conditions but Jesus healed them.” I recalled the post I had written before about a diagnosed schizophrenic who was told his condition would prevent him from completing his education, getting a job, or having a family but Jesus was able to help him override all those limitations. (Here’s that previous post:

This was the lady’s placemat:

She said she doesn’t know how to read the verse. I told her that this is what I get from the verse: God with His all-knowing wisdom made her and in His eyes she is His masterpiece. If there are things about herself that she wished were different, the verse affirms her that she is wonderful and God can use all those things she didn’t like because He doesn’t waste anything and He will use those to accomplish His good plans for her.

They were both so encouraged and I shared the gospel with them and they both accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Praise God! 🙂

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  1. loren lee says:

    Praise God for two souls saved 🙂

    1. Indeed dear Loren!!! I sent you a reply yesterday but I think it didn’t register because my wifi was patchy! Have a blessed week!!!!:)

  2. Maricor Acenas says:

    This is a most creative way of touching people’s hearts! God really speaks in a million ways, through the sun and the stars and the majestic mountains and placemats!

    1. Indeed dear Maricor! and praise God that He is not limited but uses even the ordinary things around us to impress in our hearts His message!! thank you for sharing in my journey and giving me messages from Him! love you!

  3. Maricor Acenas says:

    This is a most creative way of touching peoples’ hears! God really speaks in a million ways, through the sun and the stars and the majestic mountains and placemats!

    1. Heehee yes indeed dear Maricor! Praise God for God speaking in many ways and for gifted artists like Karla Dornacher who can make His Word so appealing and approachable! Miss you!!

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