Mommy Exchange and JJ Crafternoons

It was a mommy lunch among two empty nesters and two young moms when my designer, Joi Cutter, came with Candy Tanchi McComb and Jennifer Tanchi yesterday! The laughter, food, and chika brought me back childhood memories of tea parties specially when we shared some strawberry juice in itty bitty mason jars 🙂


The last time I really sat for a meal chatting with Candy was about 2009 when my family met up with her in San Franscisco (back when she was studying at the University of the Pacific School for Dentistry where she would graduate Valedictorian). We were supposed to go to the best dimsum in the city but walked one door shy of the address so we officially ate at the Best Dimsum Restaurant in San Fransisco’s next door neighbor!

It was so refreshingly enjoyable sharing the experience looking into young moms’ lives again, looking at Candy’s and Jennifer’s children’s pictures and hearing about their kids’ baking adventures!  It’s also so interesting how Joi (who is married to dentist, John Cutter) met Jeff and Candy McComb (both dentists) in Sacramento; they all lived in that city before they all moved back to Manila in the same year, 2014!

Joi and Jennifer are gifted with their hands and creativity! Joi did a marvelous job executing my happy Little House on the Prairie peg and Jennifer wore her wonderful craft creations (She made the necklace she’s wearing…

Joi and Jennifer having fun with the bears
Joi and Jennifer having fun with the bears

…and the bracelet she snapped so easily back on and off from her wrist.) She explained to us how these things are so simple to make. I can’t remember the names of the beads and the process but it sounded so fun and easy when she told us!!

Jennifer made this bracelet, too!
Jennifer made this bracelet, too!

Since both J ladies are so good with crafts, we were smiling through saying that perhaps one of these days they might hold Crafternoons together!  But in fact, Jennifer already sells jewelry and gives mother and daughter classes for crafternoons!!! What a splendid idea!

We had had our Basilur English Breakfast Tea after drinking our Lindt Truffle Hot Chocolate… perfect for the sensurround dollhouse look, it almost felt like playing! And for that time chunk, I had a break from the beckoning to-do list! How therapeutic! 🙂

Tea Party

Jennifer, with her feminine OOTD, blonde hair, and blue eyes, was specially in synch with the shop’s dollhouse vintage look!

Jennifer with DJ, our over a hundred year old oven
Jennifer with DJ, our over-a-hundred-year-old oven

We shared shopping experiences and wished Marshall’s and TJ Maxx (two of my favorite stores) would open in Manila.  But before Jennifer dashed off to take her daughter to ballet class, she shared an encouraging word for women:

Candy who has been inspiring me since I met her, for being authentic with her struggles and strong in her faith, going on dental missions because of her love for the Lord, had this encouragement for women as well:

When I heard from Candy that she will be speaking at CCF Malolos, Bulacan on Thursday, November 19 on “True Love is Patient and Kind.”  I brought her to the corner of the room and told her, “Look at this!”

Thank You Lord, for making the shop a venue for happy times and faith encouragement!

Jennifer can be reached at or the Give Into the Glitter Facebook Page!

Joi can be reached at Joi of Decorating by Joi Santos Cutter Facebook page!

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