Not Getting the Blessing I Want Could Be The Actual Blessing

Two weeks ago, the roads to the airport were quite jammed even at dawn so for the  following week, the beloved suggested a room rental adjacent to the airport to ensure smooth passage on D-Day for the following break-of-dawn trip.

But there were no special deals available.  The benefit didn’t seem worth the cost.

A bright idea of a cheaper alternative came: a car and driver rental. I have had very good experience with this car rental company referred by a dear friend. So the reservation date was set.

The day prior to D-Day, I sent an inquiry text for the exact rate for a house pickup to airport dropoff. “P2000,” came the reply. 

Due to the hectic schedule, I didn’t have time to really absorb every text message I received that day.  There was one other particular text from an unidentified number that said, “Are we confirmed tomorrow?”  I didn’t mind it.

On D-Day, I called the car rental company to ask for the driver name. The reply came, “Who is this? Do you have a reservation?”

Hmmm, we were supposed to leave for the airport in a few minutes and our confirmed reservation was now up in the air.

The apologetic and courteous car rental company owner who was awakened by my call said he would try to find a driver right away.

But in my solution-finding mode,  I quickly checked with Uber for an available vehicle. Hallelujah, there was one 6 minutes away! But there was a 1.2 demand rate-surge. Still a little cheaper than p2000.

So I waited for the Uber car, praying there would be no glitches on the estimated wait time. There were none! In six minutes, the Uber car was outside our gate! I thought the bill would be p500 or so. 

Within thirty seconds of getting dropped off at the airport, the bill came out to be P212 only! 

If our original plan for a hotel room the night before our trip gained God’s favor with a discounted rate, that would have definitely exceeded p4,000. But no favor there.

If our alternative plan of renting the car gained God’s favor with a seamless arrangement, our bill would have been P2,000.  But no favor there.

So even though it would have seemed like God wasn’t giving His blessing, the withholding of what we wanted was The Actual Blessing. We had a good night’s rest in our comfort zone with no need for the additional pack-unpack task. And best of all, we only had to pay P212! 

Thank You Lord for Your wisdom to not give in to all my plans when You have a better one! 


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  1. loren lee says:

    Thank you for sharing this Karen:) needed to hear that God-inspired story today. 🙂 God truly has the best answers to our prayers and the answers are sometimes what we least expect it but the always the best for us. Praise God for blessing you on this trip! Merry CHRISTmas Karen 🙂

    1. Merry CHRISTmas to you too dear Loren! Praise God for overriding our own plans to make way for His best plan! Hope to see you soon!:)

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