Gut Laughter is a Precious Reward

Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of having guests who enjoyed each other’s company so much that from the other side of the wall, I could hear utterly delicious laughter.

It reminded me of my own siblings’ reunions when we didn’t have a care in the world, when any trials any of us experienced were inconsequential. It was pure bliss to share the funny moments and on the same cue, we would burst into scrumptious laughter that rushed madly from our guts. Such wonderful relief. Superlative fun.

Sometimes while we were in stitches occasionally immobilized by a laughing fit, yelps and shouts of joy came.  Even tears would involuntarily flow because there was just too much joy that had to be expressed  but not enough room in our mouths, noses, and ears to bring it all on; tears had to convey it too!

I love it.

Yesterday, I didn’t know what our beautiful guests were laughing about but just hearing their laugher from the other room gave me so much pleasure and happy memories.  It dawned on me that that level of enjoyment must be a gift from God.

I found a verse from Jesus’s sermon on the mount. Laughter is a promise of blessing in exchange for weeping.

Thank You, Lord, for laughter. Thank You for changing our weeping into laughter. Thank You for the people You put in our lives who bring us so much laughter, in whose presence we can laugh to our heart’s delight, who share in our joy.

Thank You that when You allow us to laugh, it is a time when You have brought us away from grief, pain, emptiness, loneliness, worry, anxiety, distress, anger. What a gift. What a reward. What a promise.

May any person reading this who may be in a season of weeping be encouraged today by Your Word…

Thank You Lord for our guests yesterday who brought so much laughter and joy to our humble space.


p.s. With our guests’ permission, I am posting their group photo here, aptly in front of the beautiful, blooming flowers that reflect the joy and mirth they share to all who are near.  Thank you, Ladies, for being blessings! 🙂

joy schallenberg sisters.jpg12463760_714141818716702_1170588433_n.jpg

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