Something New You Can Count On This New Year! 

Nothing so obvious may have changed from yesterday to today.

“Do you not see it? Do you not perceive it?” Translations of Isa. 43:19 ask of the new thing God is doing.

Sometimes I don’t.

But blindness or denseness or perception doesn’t change truth.

God is in the business of making things new. He is declaring He has already begun to do something new…

He will make a pathway for the wilderness where you may feel lost.

He will create rivers— sources of life-sustaining water— in the dry wasteland where there seems to be nothing good.

Whether you are already rejoicing today or feeling lost with seemingly nothing good, be encouraged that God is doing something new that will take you out of quandary, lead you to a good place, and equip you with what you will need to sustain you.

Open your eyes to the graces and mercies around you. If it makes it simpler, start with just three blessings you can count and keep going…

2016 is a new year! You can wait expectantly upon the Lord! His character of goodness and faithfulness doesn’t change.

No one whose hope is in Him will ever be put to shame.  

Have a blessed 2016 and beyond!❤️

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