An Unexpected Opportunity to Meet the President

My cousin, Grace, wrote, “I didn’t see you reply.  Did you see… Tita Day is organizing a trip to Malacanang in two days!” Who, what, when where?  It was my dormant Facebook account in the loop so I was unaware until then!

Just the week before, I pulled some good muscles that made walking and standing a pain (literally) and my husband had been sick on and off since the weekend so as much as it sounded like a worthwhile trip, I was dependent on God taking care of those things.

I have a confession to make.  I’m not a Duterte fan.  My aunts and uncles spent a good number of years not only in the president’s hometown, Davao, but also across from his house.  When my grandmother had a health emergency when no one was home, it was (now President) Mr. Rody Duterte himself who took her to the hospital thus saving her life.  When my now forty-something year old cousin, Chevy, was a baby and turned blue due to a hole in his heart and no one was home, guess who took him to the hospital and saved his life as well? Yes, and with no fanfare.

I love my Tita Day dearly; she is one of my spiritual mentors.

tita day
Tita Day (extreme left) at Karen’s Kitchen with her friends from Davao.

But when she raved about (then) Mayor Duterte during the election period, my palm met my forehead more than a few times as fear and much concern prevailed over the news coverages. Along with my aunt, many Davaoenos I met/meet would say that the brusque manner and speech on the political stage are just an act. They vouch passionately that his heart sincerely wants to help the Filipinos, specially the poor, and really works for progress and peace as evidenced by how Davao evolved after he took office there. In Davao, they say, the regular folk are not afraid of him at all because to them, he’s the person who has transformed their city into a safe place where they don’t worry about criminals even late into the night. The talk is just to intimidate would-be criminals. However, the Davaoenos’ and my family’s sentiments did not change my mind. I wasn’t rooting for President Duterte during the elections.

But how many times am I going to get a chance to see Malacanang? Accurately, one… this.

On the day itself, my husband was well and went to work early plus I could move with much less pain.  So I decided then and there to join the group.

As the car approached the Palace, the presence of people became sparse as the view was replaced by stretches of high grills and gates with weaponed uniformed guards to keep outsiders out. Had it not been for Tita Day who arranged everything and had permission not been granted by the person in authority, there was no way I would get past those gates. I was reminded of God’s home in heaven and if not for Jesus, I have no way to get in. But thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross in my place for the forgiveness of my sins so that I am covered by Your blood and it is through Your righteousness (not my unrighteousness) covering me as I put my trust in You as my Savior and Lord, that I can enter heaven.

The sight of the tanks in the garage are intimidating.
Family Photo
Feelingera in Rizal Hall

The center of Rizal Hall has a dome on top which has EXcellent accoustics. Underneath it, we all joined in singing an imromptu, soulful a capella “Our Father” in harmony.


We walked about…

With Speaker Abella and his lovely wife, Joy.

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  1. Grace Lim Buñales says:

    Beautiful and i say Amen!
    Continue to be an inspiration to many dearest cuzz💖

    1. Praise God! Thanks so much Cuz for your encouragement!❤️

  2. Lillian "Day" Abella says:

    Karen, I thank you again and again for this write-up about our President! May we all be encouraged to continue praying for his safety, wisdom, good health and victory …..for he has been chosen, at this time, to bring the Philippines across the “river” to the place of abundance and refuge. Glory to God! 😇

  3. Amen! Thank you so much dear Tita Day for modeling for me a prayerful lifestyle seeking to give glory to God! Love you!!🌸🌿

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