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The problem with beautifying the home is that changing one thing sometimes causes a ripple, or even a ripping, effect on the wallet.  If the authority in your home wants a certain level of house beauty, you will realize that investing in the spaces they spend most of their time in ministers to them after a hard day’s work.

From the spectrum between getting into debt because you want a beautiful space and not spending money you have because you feel it is all a vanity, there is a sweet spot of prayerfully approaching the ministry of home decorating and spending within means. (Here are some money saving decorating tips).

I lived gratefully with hand-me-down furnishings since we settled in Manila twenty-six years ago. When there was an opportunity to upgrade in some way, we waited for a big sale to get classic pieces that would blend with those.

This year when we had to do repairs on worn out walls and floors, addition of clutter-reducing storage space which resulted in massive dust and a lot of workers coming in and out, we decided to take the opportunity to update.  (My son thinks some of our furnishings could belong in the ancient history section of a museum and the beloved is happiest with modern.)

But in looking for replacements for a bedroom, for example, I went around the city and couldn’t find something comparable with the target width, height, storage space, and quality for the target price. My designer, Joi Cutter, introduced me to the concept of “transitional” design in between old and new so we could maximize the reuse/ recycle  in the whole plan.

One call to (the well-trained, efficient Executive Assistant) Debbie, of Mejore— the manufacturer of our trusty furniture and she painlessly (for me) arranged for pick up, refinishing, and redelivery.

From traditional brown, they refinished the pieces to grey body (with a whisper of black-aging at the joints) and black top so that these could blend with a theme that is transitioning to a more modern look.

Mejore has been one of my favorite go-to home refreshing resources; their built-to-last, unique products comprise a mejority of our furniture pieces. They supply some big international brands and upscale local hotels with furnishings yet cater with excellent service to homemakers like myself even if I’m not one of those galit-sa-pera customers who will buy a houseful. I feel they have partnered with me through the years in creating pleasant spaces at home for family and guests. Their sales are really good so I have been able to keep my Cebuano principle of the best look for the best price (IOW, “tihik.”)

They are a one-stop shop with services for custom-creating furniture from a picture, offering ready-made pieces, reupholstering, refinishing, repairing, and replacing a broken drawer mechanism for free (the one time in twenty-six years that I experienced a problem with their products). The Filipino craftsmanship at every task speaks for itself.

It was a delight to visit their recently opened Mejore Boutique in Makati.

img_0611-1They have a curated selection of ready-made, handsome, comfortable  pieces you can mix and match.


This narrow console table would be great for a smaller room or entryway.

img_0550The platinum-finished tables (among others) can be used as a sink table for the powder room.

img_0501They have table accessories including Sklo Czech glass decor and lamps, paintings, carpets…

img_0505-1img_0554img_0562This gorgeous headboard leather is available for upholstering any furniture piece you like. The beddings are also available for mixing and matching. img_0483-1

img_0468img_0474The bedroom linens range from ready-made…

Look at the adorable trims! This is from the Eastern Accent Magnolia Collection by Thom Filicia (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame)


…to custom-made:

The prettiest Elaine Smith (from Florida) outdoor fabrics which are not just perfect for patio and outdoor lounging areas but also for restaurants and other high-traffic contexts. They are conveniently displayed with mix-and-matchable accessories…


img_0541img_0527They customize furniture to your specs with a range of leathers, fabrics, and finishes to choose from:


This is the same chair uphostered in different materials. img_0588-1Ladies not included:

Here we are with Mr. Joselito Ong, the JO of MeJOre.

L-R: Joi Cutter, Cindy Thompson, Mr. Joselito Ong, his daughter Lorraine Ong, Me

And with the #girlbosses, L-R: Claire Ong (President), Nathalie (Consultant), and Lorraine (Corporate Secretary):


A walk through the Mejore Boutique provokes your inner decorator to put a finishing touch to your existing decor, plot a hypothetical refresh plan, or embark on a makeover project to update your surroundings.  The creative way Mejore edited their display for you to play makes this showroom a great place to start.


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