Gina Alajar: God Is Ready to Restore You Anytime

Regina Alatiit, better known for her screen name, Gina Alajar, received her first FAMAS (Film Academy of the Movie Arts and Sciences) Best Child Actress Award when she was eight years old for the film, Kaibigan Ko’ng Sto. Niño.  This was followed by a Citizens’ Council for Mass Media (CCMM) Award for Wanted: Perfect Mother. She has since been featured in at least seventy-two films and received multiple acting awards (at least 16 wins and 25 nominations) from FAMASCatholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA),  Gawad UrianFilm Academy of the Philippines (FAP), Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) in her thus far five-decade acting career.

gina alajar painting

Gina has also crossed over to directing TV shows, TV movies (such as Pagpapatawad, Dalangin Ng Ama, Lukso ng Dugo, Kulungan kanlungan, Tahanan: Eat Bulaga Special); and TV series (such as Magpakailanman; That’s My Amboy;  Let the Love Begin; Yagit; Seasons of Love; Villa Quintana; Anna Karenina; Unforgettable; Temptation of Wife; Magdalena: Anghel Sa Putikan; Machete; Tween Hearts; Hawak Ko Ang Langit; Narito Ang Puso Ko; Kirara: Ano Ang Kulay ng Pag-ibig?; and some Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes).(Source)

At an Artists in Touch Bible Study on David As An Artist, Orpah Marasigan introduced me to the other twenty or so people who arrived earlier than I. Gina Alajar’s warmth stood out as reflecting God’s lovingkindness that was so attractive. I asked her if she would be willing to share some faith encouragement for others and with a wide-eyed smile, she said, “Let’s try… I’m not used to this…”

She talked about a time when the state of her life made her feel unworthy to seek God or  be with other believers. There was a cloud of condemnation that made her stay away. Praise God she realized that condemnation didn’t come from the Lord.

Here is our chat:

When did you come to have a personal relationship with the Lord?

A long, long time ago in the ’80’s.  There were so many events in my life… one of those was between my ex-husband and myself but the Lord intervened at that time. We both became Christians. The Lord used that situation for us to know Him. We were really very, very seriously walking with the Lord for so many years.

But you know, the thief comes to steal, break up families. Sad to say, unknowingly, we did not prepare ourselves for what was coming; we left the door open and without us knowing, the family was broken already. But that’s all in the past. God is a God of second chances. He does not condemn us for the wrong choices we make in our lives. I’m here, I’m back.

There was a time when I thought I’m not worthy to even be with other Christians or to share my testimony. I stopped talking about the Lord because I thought people might judge me because of what happened in my life.  But then because of faithful friends who keep on encouraging me to come back, I started doing bible studies again and attending lessons like this. The Lord is making me stronger each day.  I could feel the Lord telling me, ‘It’s alright my child, the past is past. This is a new beginning.’  Now, I’m into deepening my study of God’s words. 

Did the Lord restore your relationship with your husband?

But Jesus has restored you as a person and redeemed you as His precious child.

Yes that’s what’s important.  He has restored my faith. He has called me back to His family… without question, judgment, or condemnation.

What message of encouragement can you give someone who is in the same situation as you found yourself in?

I was thinking the other brothers and sisters would judge me because of what happened in my life but others do not condemn. God does not condemn.  

It’s a spiritual warfare.  The feeling of condemnation is probably in my mind only… the evil one wants us to go farther and farther from God. There are bumpy roads and dead ends in our lives sometimes because of  our hardness of hearts.

 But just keep holding on to your faith. Jesus is holding you by your right hand. Victory is ours. Everything is under God’s hands/ God’s control. He has planned our lives. He will not allow circumstances in our lives unless it’s for a good purpose.  God is ready to restore us anytime, all the time.


Because at home we haven’t hooked up our TV to cable for the last maybe ten years, I haven’t been updated on the entertainment scene.  It was only after I started drafting this post and did some research that I recalled the star that is Gina Alajar.

It struck me that when I asked her for a message to share with others, it was without any hesitation or regard for the lack of glamor for the camera that night that she was instantly ready to try, even if she hadn’t been well accustomed to talking about her faith on cam.  She manifested a genuine desire to draw others (even me with her warmth) that seemed to say, “Come as you are to Jesus. He loves you and welcomes you. Always.”

Thus, the glory of the true Star of her life, Jesus Christ, radiated. And I am blessed to have been there to experience it.











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