Anh and Chi Vietnamese, Vancouver

img_7301Anh and Chị [/ aĭŋ / ænd / ţi /] in English is “elder brother and elder sister; a respectful form of address for a friend or a even a stranger, man or woman respectively, generally above one’s age; address for fellow members of the same community.”  It is also the name of a chic Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver that serves delicious food “assembled with fresh, local ingredients with love and excitement.”img_7332-1img_7304-1img_7324img_7313img_7330-1img_7327

Their story is very inspiring and beautiful:

  • Mom grew up in Grandma’s cafe in Saigon.
  • Mom and Dad (Ly and Huang) came to Canada as boat people thirty-three years ago.
  • While longing for the community in Vietnam, they started making Pho out of their new home in Canada.
  • They were self-taught, hands-on, working very hard at every stage needed to run a restaurant.
  • The pop-up shop they opened evolved into a noodle shop on Main Street known as Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant which they operated for thirty-three years.
  • Forty years later, the same homegrown recipes are being served in Seattle and Vancouver.
  • Today, children Vincent and Amelie Nguyen run the restaurant business.
  • The concept of brotherhood and community extend beyond their own bloodline including anyone who comes to be part of it.

    “What our parents did out of necessity became a strong foundation for us moving forward. Their shoulders are what we stand on. They have taught us to start where we are, use what we have and do what we can. – Vincent and Amelie Nguyen”

The food satisfied everyone in our group consisting of spicy and non-spicy eaters.  The dishes had enough healthy ingredients while being delicious and attractive.




VanMag 2017 award badge

Best Vietnamese

#3 for Anh and Chi

Restaurant Awards 2017

Vancouver Magazine
Golden Plates 2017 winner

Best Vietnamese

#1 for Anh and Chi

Golden Plates 2017

Georgia Straight

Best Bartender

#3 for Guy Stowell

Golden Plates 2017

Georgia Straight
Best of the City 2016 silver winner

Best Vietnamese

Silver Winner

Best of the City Dining 2016


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